Monday, December 18, 2017

Children's Division documents: Grandfather attempting to manipulate Jayda Kyle murder investigation

While Jalen Dashawn Vaden, 22, the live-in boyfriend of the mother of murder victim Jayda Kyle is behind bars without bond facing second degree murder and felony child abuse charges, the investigation into the three-year-old's death is far from over.

Jasper County Children's Division documents allege that the child's grandfather, Joplin attorney Judd McPherson "has attempted to manipulate/direct the investigation" by the Carl Junction Police Department and Jasper County Sheriff's Office and said that McPherson and his wife Carmen, who are the parents of Jayda's mother, Devyn Kyle, have given "inconsistent statements" to investigators.

The statements were made in a report assessing who should have custody of Jayda Kyle's brother. The report determined that the McPhersons should not have contact with the child unless supervised by the Children's Division.

The report detailed the Children's Division investigator's problems with answers provided by McPherson concerning the injuries that Jayda Kyle suffered.

Children's Division is having increasing concerns as more time has been allotted to look at the facts of the case. There appears, at this time, to be several inconsistencies which would cause concern for (the child) as well as the ongoing investigation.

On 11/29/2017 at 3:46 a.m., Judd McPherson contacted me stating that all doctors had said this was a medical thing. However, medical records show that Devyn and family were notified by Dr. Michelle Pannell at Mercy in Joplin on 11/28/2017 at 10:37 p.m. that this was suspected non-accidental head trauma.

Children's Division was informed by law enforcement that while completing interviews of witnesses that Dr. Pannell stated Devyn was explaining that she found Jayda laying on the floor in her room at which point either Carmen or Judd corrected her and stated, "You mean when he found her" (talking about Jalen)."

When Children's Division determined that custody of Jayda's brother would go to another family member, McPherson did not take it well, according to the report.

When informing Judd of the current situation, he first asked who the judge was who signed the order, then he stated he would be getting that changed and ended the call. During this call, Judd did not ask any questions about the abuse and doctors have stated the family has not asked them either as to what or who could have caused it.

The report also revealed that Carmen McPherson and not Devyn Kyle rode the helicopter to Children's Mercy Hospital with Jayda.

Judd McPherson said that was due to the weight limit, according to the report, but Devyn Kyle told investigating officers and the Children's Division that she and Vaden "went home to change."

The report says McPherson received a court order allowing Jalen Vaden to have contact with Jayda at the hospital "after she had been diagnosed with abusive head trauma and knowing he was one of her caretakers at the time."

Vaden pleaded not guilty during a video arraignment last week in Jasper County Circuit Court. His next hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday, December 27.

The probable cause statement for Vaden's arrest says he told police he "became upset over the child not being dressed in the pajamas he instructed her to put on." He picked the child up and threw her, causing her to hit her head on the floor, according to the probable cause statement.

A short time later, Vaden said, Jayda left the room still not wearing the pajamas. He said he threw her on the bed, then grabbed her by the leg and threw her face first on the floor.

When he returned, Vaden told the officers, he found Jayda "bleeding and unresponsive."

Despite the arrest of Jalen Vaden, the Jasper County Sheriff's Office and Carl Junction Police Department are continuing their investigation into Jayda Kyle's murder.


Juvenile Office documents: Jayda Kyle suffered bleeding from brain, severely torn retina, likely already brain dead when she arrived in K. C.


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Anonymous said...

The McPherson's are good people who love their grandchildren.
They have lost their precious little granddaughter.
They are hurting.

I also do not believe the young man intended to kill this child. It was a horrible accident.

I am praying for this family and everyone involved in this tragedy.

Unknown said...

Throwing a child multiple times and causing any kind of harm, much less her death, is not a horrible accident, it's a horrible injustice to Jayda. No human or animal should be treated as that little girl was treated that night. Period. The end.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if it was intentional or not. The fact is he abused this little girl, resulting in her death. He is in jail where he belongs for the rest of his pathetic life. No child should have to go through this and her sibling is now missing his sister and won't know what it's like to grow up with her. People like him deserve to be taken out back and beat with rubber hose.

It was no accident that he there her like God damn rag doll and killed her. He intended to cause physical harm other wise there would have been no physical abuse at all. He's a piece of shot and deserves every bit of punishment that is coming his way and then some.

Anonymous said...

Ooooookaaaay! He didn't intend on killing her, but slamming her face first to the floor, and throwing her out of anger says otherwise. This obviously was NOT a one time offense. Also might I add, an accident is dropping a glass of milk right after pouring it, this was blatant child abuse, he knew what he was doing was hurting her, he did this out of anger to a defenseless child. I hope he rots to death in his prison cell. Actually, I hope he suffers worse than this precious baby girl did.

Mother of Many said...

Intended or not u do throw a child repeatedly for any reason!

Anonymous said...

how can you even say it was an accident, he admitted to throwing her three times,they need to lock ole girl up too.

Anonymous said...

He threw that precious baby !! Not once not twice but 3 times !!!!
They both need to be held responsible !
God has her now and no one can hurt her !
Accident or not it happened !!

Anonymous said...

Sick, sick, sick

Anonymous said...

The FBI will get involved, and they don’t care about some small town lawyer. The truth will come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

I hope that now people are aware of all the inconsistencies, question Devyn without mommy and daddy around she is plenty old enough to talk by herself. I pray jayda gets the justice she deserves a beautiful little girl gone way too soon!

Anonymous said...

No accident one of them is responsible. You don't throw a child not even once !Prayers for her father, brother and family.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of this article is show that there is more to the story and that Jaylen is in fact not the only one responsible. You have missed the whole point if that is all you took from it. What if he didn't admit to it? what if that is a lie? Obviously there has been many lies covered up by the mom and family and NOT the boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

remember when Judd went to bat for Schuber Mitchell homes on wanting to build in carl junction, he forgot to mention that one of the city council members in the town where he is city attorney works for Schuber Mitchell, way to pass the buck, it's sickening that these people will probably get away with all their lies.

Anonymous said...

He gave an excuse to the police like the excuse he gave Jada. As if she was the guilty party and asked for it. Too often men use the excuse when someone is helpless that they can defend themselves regardless of sex or age. One thing is clear, she was not guilty before or after. His lie was saying he's innocent and that she was guilty. God will be the judge he will have to face, he's hard to convince.

Anonymous said...

My concern is while this all went on and the mother was in the home how did she NOT hear the cries of her child? You can not tell me she didnt hear this going on, this is the issue.. these women bring in boys/men wanting them to play daddy and they don't step in when they start hitting and smacking them around, one time in my home a man lay his hands wrongly on one of my children and they would carry him out on a stretcher. But instead they allow this sort of behavior that gets worse then they are left with a child that is dead. Hold her just as accountable, she needs to be sitting right along side him, accident is not what that was you do not throw a child like a rag doll and expect nothing to happen to them. His intentions were on purpose and her mother ignored the child's cries and she needs to held accountable as well.

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy that is good friends with people at Schuber-Mitchell, and if anyone reviews them negatively or complains, he threatens them with a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

This is so terrible! These people were suppose to be protecting this child. I'm not so sure I agree with the comment that they are good people. It sounds like alot of trying to hide the truth to me and protect a guilty person. This just makes me sick ! How someone could do this to a sweet innocent child!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how these documents were released. I am a former employee of the children's division and there is NO WAY in hell confidential records are produced for public viewing.

Anonymous said...

Randy Turner...where did you get this information and report? Directly from Children's Services or from the screenshots of so called "report" posted on social media?

Randy said...

I received the information I verified it. I don't reveal my sources.

Anonymous said...

I have a question? So the mother & Bio father had 2 children together, Jayda,&a little boy correct? Does anyone know the age of the little boy? Second thing from pictures I've seen is there another little boy that lived in the home? Was that the mother&boyfriends child?

Anonymous said...

10:59 am, The Children's Division report was leaked, although it's been taken down the screenshots still exist...

Anonymous said...

Throwing a child is not an accident and anyone who would defend this type of abuse needs their head examined.

Anonymous said...

I've been on the opposing side of Judd McPherson's wrath and I can tell you he'll do anything if it fits his motive. He actually fabricated lies about my case. His comment regarding the judge says a lot about his character. I personally think he should have his license revoked and all previous cases he's handled should be reexamined. Once you lose your integrity, it's over. However, I believe this example shows a much larger problem in Jasper County than just Judd. What is the extent of this good old boy network? Was Judd able to communicate with this judge like this story alluded too? Did the judge deny his request simply because the story had already broke? It might be worthwhile to investigate the extent of this network. The FBI has to get involved to provide an unbiased investigation. The tragic death of this little girl demands it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. It's a good thing we are all not sentenced by the court of public opinion. I have have a feeling we would all be before a firing squad at some time in our life.
I am detecting jealousy from many of these comments.
I am praying about this entire situation that the truth will be known and justice will be served.
In the meantime, people need to get back to their own life.
Enlist your time to helping those less fortunate. Maybe volunteer or make a donation to Lafayette House or Watered Gardens.
See what you can do to make a difference.
God bless this family and each of you.

Anonymous said...

Throw them all in jail until it's sorted out.

How is this clown (Judd) a part of the local justice system? Oh's Jasper County...never mind.

These fraudulent judges/commissioners should be investigated as well.

Hell, fire them all and start over. That'd be a good start!

Anonymous said...

anon...come to your senses! I'd rather see my kids investigate this matter over the CJ police force.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take your own advice? Wait, you took away from your charity to get another blog in?

I agree we should be praying as well but it's time for more than that. Lets stop accepting the status quo and make a difference. Let's vote out the corrupt!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not this time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's no longer about the little girl who is dead, but about people seeking blood because of their hatred or jealousy for the family.
I'm glad you all are not judging me or my life.
God forbid any of your family members suffer something even remotely comparable to this.

Anonymous said...

Turner admits receiving the information from the Children's Division and reprinting it.

Yet he whines about the lawyer grandfather wanting to protect his daughter and grandson.

Who has a greater interest in this case?

Really, you shouldn't interfere in this case, Turner.

Anonymous said...

Here they are. If we stand together we can accomplish anything! It's time for action. Lets hold folks accountable and take our county back.

The Circuit Courts:

The Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over civil cases with any cause of action over $25,000; criminal felony cases transferred from Associate Court; Juvenile cases; domestic cases when assigned; and oversees Probate Court.
Our current Circuit Court Judges are:

Gayle L. Crane, Division I (also Presiding Juvenile Judge)
Dean G Dankelson, Division II
David B. Mouton, Division III and Probate (also Presiding Judge)

The Associate Courts:

The Associate Courts have general jurisdiction over civil cases with any cause of action under $25,000; small claims; traffic tickets; and criminal misdemeanors and felonies.
Our current Associate Court Judges are:

John Nicholas, Division IV
Joe Hensley, Division V
Stephen P. Carlton, Division VI

The Family Court:

The Family Court has jurisdiction over domestic cases including divorces; paternity actions; child support matters; child custody issues; and order of protection.
Our current Family Court Commissioner is:

Jerry Holcomb

Anonymous said...

Easy now

Anonymous said...

"When informing Judd of the current situation, he first asked who the judge was who signed the order, then he stated he would be getting that changed and ended the call. During this call, Judd did not ask any questions about the abuse and doctors have stated the family has not asked them either as to what or who could have caused it."

Wow! How many times has Judd reached out to a judge before to sway a decision? His previous cases should be reexamined and his law license needs revoked. His credibility is shot! He should never practice law again!

An investigation needs opened against the entire Jasper County justice system. As a member of this community, I want to know how corrupt this system is.

Anonymous said...

Easy now what? Stop speaking the truth? Should I just accept the status quo?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm whether or not Judd McPherson is still practicing law?

If so, why?

Anonymous said...

That's your opinion, based on what? Your dislike for the McPherson's?
How do you know Judd has done anything illegal?
Just because he is a very good attorney and wins his cases does not mean he is corrupt.

You don't want justice, you are just wanting revenge for your own petty, jealous reasons.

No this is not Judd or any of his family, friends or relatives.
I believe in justice and letting the system work.

Like I said before, justice will always be served, either in this life or the next. It is not for us to make false accusations and wish ill on others.

Look in the mirror we are all human and have faults.

"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone". I have a feeling. Everyone will have to throw their stone on the ground and turn around and walk away.

Anonymous said...

Great questions and I'm glad you asked. First and foremost, I truly believe what is most important is justice for this little girl. However, I have allowed my hatred for Judd to overshadow to an extent what's more important in all of this. For that, I'm sorry. But, I do feel as though I need to answer your questions since you asked.

Your dislike for the McPherson's?
(I can't stand sleazy and Judd McPherson is the epitome of such. He's a bad man and uses his influence for evil which coincides with his nature. I base this off being on the opposing of him. He lied, every word was a lie. If this is how he wins cases that is not justice. He rolls over innocent people in search of wealth and he'll step all over you to get there.)

Good lawyer?
(I'd love to see the stats. What facts can you provide to show that Judd is a good and honest attorney? Please share, I'm willing to listen.)

How do you know Judd has done anything illegal?
(The proof released and inconsistencies indicate such. I truly believe he and his wife attempted to interfere in a murder investigation in an attempt to get their daughter off. Is this not illegal?

Just like you, I believe in justice too. Given Judd's ties and corrupt nature of our justice system here, I believe this is something we must demand as a society. I'm sick and tired of seeing creeps like Judd get off and not pay for what they've done because of money or status.

Hopefully this answers your questions and shows you my perspective in all of this.

Anonymous said...

Judd and his wife are guilty of attempting to manipulate this case!

Anonymous said...

8:04 - Agreed! No doubt about it. You watch though, they'll get off though. This system is as corrupt as they are.

Anonymous said...

I was recently informed about this article tonight and instructed to check out the comments by a friend. After reading this, anybody that thinks Judd McPherson is innocent, doesn't have a clue and has never met this man. He's a criminal hiding behind his status. I've had dealings with this man and he could honestly be the antichrist himself. I'm just glad he's finally been exposed. There is no telling how long he's been calling in such favors which leads me to believe the corruptness runs much higher than just Judd. The CJ police determined innocence that quick? Holy shit! I strongly agree with a lot of the comments demanding FBI involvement. The daughter obviously had more involvement than what's being said. And, both Judd and his wife clearly attempted to cover this up for her.

I just hope Jayda gets justice!

Anonymous said...

Judd is a loser!

Anonymous said...

4:45 - Right to fair trial? The truth has to come out? Joplin? I think truth and Jasper County judicial system used in the same sentence would be considered an oxymoron. Unfortunately, it's going to be the kid versus a high rolling attorney out of Springfield for the McPhersons. It's not exactly a level playing field in my opinion. Plus, don't forget, you've got an investigating agency (Joplin PD) that Judd used to work for. Finally, and probably most important, I wouldn't trust any of the judges here especially after Judd's comments that he was going to call a judge and get the investigation turned off. This doesn't even include the CJ PD terminating the investigation 5 minutes after it occurred. I could go on and on but it's safe to say the cards are stacked against this kid.

Unknown said...

My personal opinion both are responsible for her death and both should be behind bars period.

Anonymous said...

Shit good let the FBI get involved so the whole dam truth will come out. I'm just so dam tired of hearing nothing but constant slander on him while she sits her ass out free and guilty it's so freaking pathetic

Anonymous said...

This is heart breaking, they all need locked up Judd too! The truth will come to light! God rest her soul and justice for this sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Why is this being posted again ? It's been proven that this is NOT accurate information. The juvenile case has even been moved out of Jasper county because of this. Everyone needs to stop stirring the pot, & remember what this case is about , JAYDA, NOT Devyn, or Jalen !

Anonymous said...

Apparently Vayden did not confess to throwing the child. That was from a fictitious police report. It's not proper journalism to put words into people's mouths. Especially in such an emotional case as this. You've painted him as a murderer when no judgement has been made Your readers already have him in jail or hung because of these false statements.People close to the situation are saying he did not do this crime.If he is innocent, he's got a real uphill battle in a small town like this.

Oscar Fernandez said...

I cannot thank you enough for the article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.