Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Preliminary hearing for accused killer of three-year-old Jayda Kyle set for February 1

The preliminary hearing for Jalen Dashawn Vaden, 22, Carl Junction, the accused killer of three-year-old Jayda Kyle has been scheduled for 10 a.m. February 1 before Judge Joseph Hensley in Jasper County Circuit Court.

A pretrial conference will be held January 31.

The dates were set during a hearing this morning.

Vaden, who is charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse, was the live-in boyfriend of Jayda Kyle's mother Devyn.

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Anonymous said...

This kid has already sealed his fate by making a confession. He should have asked for a lawyer immediately.

Anonymous said...

He screwed up and listened to Judd and his old lady. Now I just hope he flips on them.

Anonymous said...


Randy said...

Thanks for catching that. It has been fixed.

Anonymous said...

So, the kid gets a public defender but round boy Judd gets a high roller lawyer out of Springfield? Ha ha...I see where this shit is going. Congratulations on your ability to manipulate that po dunk bullshit Jasper County fiasco. I hope you celebrate by eating, I'm sure you will.

Such a travesty. Joplin! This is bullshit and it can be easily seen.

I hope the kid flips on your fat ass!

Anonymous said...

We’re you there that night? NO. Do you know that Jalen did not murder her with throwing her around in the bedroom? NO. I’ll refrain from calling your uneducated ass any names. Might want to dig deep. Your sorry ass has no room for ignorant,uneducated opinions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:50AM, it sounds as though you are extremely upset about my previous comments. Lets take a stab at interpreting exactly what it is you attempted to communicate. You really need to work on your writing skills a bit so people can understand you.

We're you there that night? (No I wasn't.)

Do you know that Jalen did not murder her with throwing her around in the bedroom? (I'm simply basing my comments on the facts. It does appear a cover up was attempted by Judd. This leads me to believe that his daughter did play a larger role in it. Additionally, based on my previous encounters with Judd, I can assure you he'd try to cover it up.)

Uneducated ass? (I'm just a few classes shy of my Masters degree. This doesn't by itself make me intelligent though. I do think it's a stretch to say that I'm uneducated though.)

Might want to dig deep? (Not sure I understand this one at all. Is this something you do in your spare time when no one is looking?)

And luckily, we live in a free country in which I'm entitled to my opinion. Just as you are. And ultimately, we're both wanting the same thing I believe. Justice for Jayda.

Anonymous said...

Your correct. We do want the same thing and facts will show Jalen murdered her. I just don’t understand why you would slander Judd when you don’t know all the facts. I’m not in to name calling and apologize for my previous comments. I doubt any of your dealings with Judd in the past gives you any right to think Judd knew about this. From the news stories that have been reported , Jalen gave a confession. Let the authorities figure this out. To many people jump on a band wagon and accuse based on here say.

Anonymous said...

10:20, I'm not sure I've ever slandered Judd. I'm simply stating the facts based upon my encounters with him which were very negative. Anybody that can lie about you without even meeting you isn't a very trustworthy or reliable person in my opinion. My opinions are based upon actual interactions with him though. And, in combination with the details released thus far, I'm led to believe that he's attempted to manipulate this case. If I'm correct, how many other cases have there been? I'd like to know the truth. I just hope that an outside agency becomes involved in this case and every angle of it is properly examined.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

7:50, you're a chump! A Judd loving chump! Are you crying about this shit?! Are you on Judd's payroll? Maybe you should reserve your comments this point forward for the Joplin Globe. It's a better venue for whiners.

10:20, I've had encounters with Judd also. Trust me, the guy is a snake. He's capable of a lot of bad shit. Plus, Judd even alluded to the fact that he was going to make some calls. WTF?! It doesn't take past experiences with Judd to know that some shady shit has occurred. It's in black/white.

Anonymous said...

Let he without sin cast the first stone.
I bet everyone of you will have to throw your stone on the ground and walk away.
Be careful what you wish on others, it will come back on you tenfold.

Anonymous said...

Let he with money and a good attorney get off.