Thursday, December 21, 2017

Seven of all-time top 10 Turner Report posts published this year

This morning, I was looking at some Turner Report posts from December 2016. One of them featured the top 10 posts for that week and most of them were about the Joplin R-8 School District, including one about the final payment being made on former Superintendent C. J. Huff's "retirement' pay.

That same week, I published the top 10 visited posts all time on the Turner Report.

To give you an idea of how the readership of this blog has improved during 2017, seven of those 10 posts are no longer on the list, which, of course, means that only three of the top 10 posts were published before 2017.

No longer in the top 10 are the indictment of Neosho businessman Blake Altman on child pornography charges, the death of Arkansas sisters in an auto accident, an FBI/SEC investigation into Northpark Mall's owners, the probable cause statement in the murder of a Golden City girl, Billy Long's campaign donors paying for nearly $20,000 in meals for him over a three-month period, and "The Books that Got Me Fired," the 2013 recording of my four-and-a-half minute interrogation by former Joplin R-8 H. R. Director Tina Smith.

The most-visited post of all time, at the current time 13,000 visitors over number two, was published three days ago and featured Children's Division documents concerning the murder of three-year-old Jayda Kyle.

Other new entrants into the Top 10 include the arrest of a North Middle School reading teacher on sex charges involving a student, my September 11 assault, the connection between Betsy DeVos and the Blunt family, details on sex charges against a Joplin doctor and lawsuits against the Rangeline Sonic and Exploration Station.

Both lists are featured below:

1. Children's Division documents: Grandfather attempting to manipulate Jayda Kyle murder investigation

2. Child pornography scandal erupts at Joplin High School

3. Probable cause statement: North Middle School teacher, 37, had sex with 13-year-old student

4. Lawsuit claims: Exploration Station pre-school teachers resigned rather than lie about abuse to two-year-old

5. Donald Trump Jr. attacks teachers in convention speech

6. Probable cause statement: Teacher shot Hailey Owens, stuffed her body in trash bags

7. Joplin doctor pleads not guilty to statutory rape, sodomy charges

8. Explosive lawsuit claim; Pervasive sexual harassment at Rangeline Sonic led to rapes of two underage girls

9. Thirty minutes ago, I was attacked

10. Betsy DeVos and the Blunt connection

Top 10 All-Time At This Time Last Year

1. Child pornography scandal erupts at Joplin High School

2. Donald Trump Jr attacks teachers in convention speech

3. Probable cause statement: Teacher shot Hailey Owens, stuffed body in trash bags

4. Grand jury indicts Neosho businessman on child pornography charges

5. Report: FBI, SEC investigating Northpark Mall owners

6. Arkansas sisters killed in three-car accident in Pineville

7. 2012 probable cause statement: Suspect in Golden City girl's kidnapping, death, assaulted child

8. Billy Long report: Nearly 19K in meals, multiple trip to Las Vegas, Florida

9. The books that got me fired

10. Former Webb City High School principal charged with murdering Springfield couple

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