Sunday, September 10, 2017

Explosive lawsuit claim: Pervasive sexual harassment at Rangeline Sonic led to two rapes of underage girls

A lawsuit filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri this week claims management at Rangeline Sonic, Joplin failed to do anything about a culture of sexual harassment and that inaction led to the rape of two underage girls by a 30-year-old supervisor.

The supervisor, Chris Alred, a former Joplin resident, who now lives in Springfield, is facing felony statutory sodomy charges in Jasper County Circuit Court in connection with his actions toward the plaintiff in the lawsuit, who was only 16 when the crime allegedly occurred.

According to the petition, the teenager began working at the Sonic at 1101 S. Range Line in late spring 2015 and heard "various sexual jokes made between managers and staff, including minors."

It was not long before she became the target of sexual jokes, the lawsuit says, and was referred to as "a slut" because she had been involved in a relationship at one time with another car hop.

Alred began working at Sonic in late 2015 and quickly became known for his "volatile temper" and began making sexual jokes about the teen. She reported his behavior to supervisor Frances Bentz who said the "jokes were inappropriate, but did nothing to stop the conduct," according to the petition.

About that same time, another manager pressured her into having sex and told her "if she reported his conduct to anyone he would make sure she got fired."

For a time, Alred was transferred to another Sonic, but he called the girl and asked her to come to his Joplin apartment where his wife was home at the time. During their conservation, Alred told the teen that "she was on her way to owning her own store" and that every partner chooses one good person to run a store and that she was that person, the lawsuit says.

During the conversation, the petition says, Alred, whose wife was asleep in another room at the time, began making inappropriate comments about another underage carhop  who he found attractive.

The teen said she needed to leave. He took her to her vehicle, then go tin and told her to drive away from the apartments and park.

What happened next is described in the Joplin Police Department probable cause statement:

In the east parking lot of 1715 S. Rex Avenue, in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, Christopher E. Alred told (the victim) who was (16) at that time to perform oral sex on him. Christopher E. Alred walked her to her vehicle and sat in the passenger seat. (She) was in the driver's seat. (He) removed his penis from his pants and put his hand on the back of (her) head."

After that, he roughly used her until the act was completed.

The next day she told one of her managers, Portland Keough, what had happened, according to the petition. "So that's why you were being such a bitch," he responded. No action was taken, but he joked about how Alred was returning to the Rangeline Sonic and that wouid be "fun" for the girl.

The girl reported Alred, but he was allowed to return. The lawsuit says the other underage girl Alred said he was attracted told the plaintiff she began receiving text messages from Alred.

The lawsuit says Alred not only returned to Rangeline Sonic, but often supervised the shifts she was working.

Management not only did not deal with the Alred situation and the pervasive sexual harassment atmosphere, but threatened to fire the plaintiff, the lawsuit says.

The other underage girl told the plaintiff she had been raped by Alred. Again, Alred was reported with one manager saying the girl "tried to f--k a manager and then cried rape."

Distressed by everything that was happening, the plaintiff attempted suicide, according to the lawsuit.

She finally decided to report Alred to authorities after learning he had been given a Sonic in Springfield to run.

The two-count lawsuit alleges harassment and retaliation.

In addition to Rangeline Sonic, the company that owns it, D. L. Rogers Corporation, Bentz, Keough, and another supervisor Chris Cote are listed as defendants.

The lawsuit asks for damages, punitive damages and attorney fees.

The next hearing for Alred is scheduled for 9 a.m., October 16, before Judge Dean Dankelson in Jasper County Circuit Court.

Sonic supervisor cited in sexual harassment lawsuit cited for sixth DWI


Anonymous said...

Truly disgusting. I know money will not fix what has been done to her, but I hope she gets a ton and that the manager gets several years in prison. Hope she has a good lawyer because the laws are so stacked against people in her position. Best of luck to her.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself for reporting on this and for giving this girl attention for what sounds like a false report just to get money out of a business. I feel bad for all of the people involved in this except her.

Anonymous said...

Says the guy guilty of rape and assault....

Anonymous said...

@10:17 Are you really saying this shouldn't even be investigated? Even if no rape happened, he's a piece of shit, look at his record. I hope all turns out well for the victim, and I hope Mr. Alred gets put away before he kills someone.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself for talking about a girl WHO IS NOT NAMED! Tell me HOW this is "giving this girl attention"??? You should feel bad for her! NOT the other way around! And don't speak about things without knowing the FACTS! You obviously don't know the facts, or your a monster! Because, guess what, I DO know the facts! And the facts are, this guy took advantage of the power he was given over underage girls. And Sonic should have done their research and never hired him into the position to be able to do this to these girls!

John said...

This sounds like a terrible situation for anyone to have to experience in a work related situation. IF convicted, the perpetrator and managers who condoned such actions by an employee, who took advantage of other employees under his supervision should be convicted of the crimes he committed and serve a long prison term; with NO CHANCE OF PAROLE. Long term lockup just might teach him the lesson he should have leaned long ago. After all, he is not an inexperienced teen who was experimenting. Throw the book at him.

Anonymous said...

Its time that sick worthless people like this manager gets whats coming to him and his family for what he did

Anonymous said...

This is tbe problem this happens everyday in the workplace its always the womans fault in this case girls fault it is always against the law to have sex with a minor and yes workplace violence needs reported everytime immediately