Monday, September 11, 2017

Sonic supervisor cited in sexual harassment lawsuit cited for sixth DWI

A former Joplin Rangeline Sonic manager charged with statutory sodomy for allegedly forcing a teenage carhop to perform a sexual act is free after posting bond, but that may change.

The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney is asking that the bond of Christopher Alred, 31, Springfield, (formerly of Joplin and Carthage) be revoked after the Sarcoxie Police Department arrested Alred August 27 for driving while intoxicated.

In the probable cause statement, Sarcoxie Officer Connor Hackworth said Alred was stopped for driving with only one headlight. Alred pulled over on a ramp that said "do not enter" facing oncoming traffic.

Hackworth smelled alcohol and noticed something else that was disturbing.

"Alred had his daughter, approximately eight years old, in the rear of the vehicle."

Alred refused to do a field sobriety test, then put the car into drive and pulled away. Hackworth stopped him at the Kum N. Go.

In addition to DWI, he was cited for child endangerment, resisting arrest, driving while revoked, and failure to have two working head lamps.

His bond was set at $10,000, cash only. The motion to revoke bond was filed August 31, but Judge Dean Dankelson has not scheduled a hearing.

The next hearing scheduled, according to online Jasper County Circuit Court records, will be Monday, October 16.

A primary reason for revoking the bond, it is made clear in the motion is Alred's long history of driving while intoxicated.

The probable cause statement for Alred's most recent arrest, shows that he has pleaded guilty to DWI charges five times, along with another guilty plea to amended excessive blood alcohol content:

-Pleaded guilty April 20, 2012 in Jasper County Circuit Court for a November 2, 2011 DWI arrest

-Pleaded guilty May 2012 in Newton County Circuit Court for a December 1, 2010 DWI arrest

-Pleaded guilty April 15, 2010 in Joplin Municipal Court for a September 6, 2009 DWI arrest

-Pleaded guilty April 15, 2010 in Joplin Municipal Court for a May 12, 2009 DWI arrest

-Pleaded guilty February 22, 2007 in Neosho Municipal Court for a July 3, 2006 DWI arrest

-Pleaded guilty May 2, 2006 in Jasper County Circuit Court to excessive blood alcohol content for a February 23, 2005 arrest

Online court records indicate Alred also pleaded guilty to marijuana possession in 2003 in Jasper County Circuit Court after being arrested by the Jasper Police Department, marijuana possession and defective equipment in Bates County Circuit Court in 2008 after being arrested by the Highway Patrol, and an amended charge of unlawful use of drug paraphernalia in Jasper County Circuit Court in 2004.

Alred's fourth and fifth DWI arrests were the ones that finally put him in prison. Online court records show Jasper County Circuit Court Judge David Mouton sentenced Alred to five years in prison on April 20, 2012. Newton County Circuit Court Judge Tim Perigo sentenced Alred to four years in prison to run concurrently with his Jasper County sentence on May 21, 2012.

It is not clear how much time Alred spent in prison or how a man with a prison record, five DWIs, and multiple drug arrests came to be hired by Sonic or to be placed in a position of supervising underage car hops.

But the incidents described in the statutory sodomy probable cause statement took place in March 2016 and the harassment alleged against Alred in the lawsuit filed against him, Rangeline Sonic, and other Sonic supervisors, occurred in 2015 and 2016.

(Note the Rangeline Sonic where Alred worked was the one at 1101 S. Range Line.)

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Anonymous said...

Did he suggest mustard or mayo on the famed Sonic burgers


Anonymous said...

This guy has had too many extra chances. He needs to be locked away permanently.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a real tool apparently. whether or not he ever worked at Sonic...could buy him some years in the pen if certain allegations are proven in a court of law.

"I have ten years experience in sales and/or restaurant management. I understand , profit opportunities, and implications of standards and expectations. My background ranged by starting in phone sales, serving/ bartender, to managing in all areas in between. I have always progressed in any position I've held. Let us grow together!"

OOOPS!!!!!!!!!!Wait!!!!!!!!!! This must be the wrong guy, as he doesn't list any Sonic experience.

Whether it was P&L's fron to back or to managing in all areas in between it must not have been at Sonic. Or at any place that believes that punctuation and possessives matter.

He'd be proud to list his Sonic experience, wouldn't he?

Anonymous said...

I met Christopher 18 yrs ago. He is not a bad person. But he is an alcoholic. His severe drinking has caused poor judgement and bad decisions. He does not need to be put in prison with murderers and thieves. He needs treatment. I only pray he gets the help he needs.

Unknown said...

I have known Christopher for many years. He may have made some bad choices but he is not the horrible person he is made to be And doesn't deserve what he is going thru. Pray for him. Don't bash him.