Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Joplin man charged with kidnapping, assault, child endangerment, drug trafficking freed on $2,500 bond

A Joplin man facing felony charges of assault, kidnapping, child endangerment,and drug trafficking is back on the streets after posting $2,500 bond, according to Jasper County Circuit Court online records.

Judge Joseph Hensley reduced the bond for Bruce Anthony Chambers, 36, from $40,000 cash only.

Chambers was charged June 30 with two felony counts for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, as well as child abuse since the woman's five-year-old son was at home, according to the Joplin Police Department probable cause statement.

The statement said Chambers, "knowingly caused serious physical injury to (the victim) by using his fists to repeatedly strike (her) in the face resulting in multiple hematomas and the loss of and/or permanent damage to the upper two front teeth."

The second domestic assault count came when Chambers dragged the woman across the floor by her hair, according to the probable cause statement.

After Chambers was released on a $50,000 surety bond, two days later, police say, he returned and attacked the woman again.

Joplin Police received word that the woman was "in immediate danger." When they arrived, Chambers refused to let the woman answer the door and took her phone away from her, throwing it across the room, according to the probable cause statement.

Chambers was charged with three misdemeanor offenses- kidnapping, domestic assault in the fourth degree, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

The bond was set at $40,000 cash only this time ... until it was reduced.

In a bond reduction motion filed August 2 in Jasper County Circuit Court, public defender Christina Ewers offered the following reasons why Chambers should receive a lower bond.

Were his request to be granted, Mr. Chambers would reside—with his brother in Webb City.

Mr. Chambers has lived in the Jasper County area his entire life.

Before Mr. Chambers was arrested, he was employed.

Mr. Chambers is not a flight risk, due to his social and familial ties to the local community. Mr. Chambers has indicated that he has reliable transportation to and from work.

At the time, Chambers allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, he was already facing felony drug trafficking charges. He was bound over for trial on those charges last month.

The charges stem from a May 27, 2016, traffic stop by the Jasper County Sheriff's Office near the intersection of North St. Louis Avenue and Whitney Lane.

According to the probable cause statement, Chambers was found with 355 grams of marijuana, 716 Xanax pills, seven vials of Trenbolone Acetate (steroids), and 99 small vials of Sustaviron (steroids.)

Court documents also indicate Chambers was convicted of unlawful creation, delivery, or possession of prescription forms in the District Court of Ottawa County, Oklahoma October 15, 2003.

While the cost for Chambers' defense for the charges involving his girlfriend is being footed by the taxpayers, Jasper County Circuit Court records indicate the lawyer of record on the felony drug charges is Joplin attorney Brian Glades.

Chambers' arraignment on the drug charges is scheduled for 9 a.m. October 16 before Judge Gayle Crane.

His preliminary hearing on the assault, kidnapping and child abuse charges is set for October 19 in Judge Hensley's courtroom.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something in this article, that he was a boy scout or volunteer at the homeless shelter?
Why in the world would this person have a bond of only $2,500, when he disfigured, caused great bodily harm and almost beat a woman to death?
It's a sad world when the criminals and predators are released back into society just so they can inflict more harm.

Anonymous said...

How does this happen? He already returned to the victim's home once after the first time he was allowed out of jail. What makes the judge think he won't do it again? Unacceptable. Maybe he'll get lucky this time and the police won't arrive in time to save her and her son. What about the emotional turmoil this will cause for the victim to know he is out, and at any point, can come back and attack her again. She will live in fear. The emotional trauma to this poor five-year-old boy is immeasurable I'm sure. Does Judge Joseph Hensley not care about victims of domestic violence? It sure appears he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Did the judge release him so he can go kill his girlfriend? If I were the girlfriend, I would get as far away from here as possible. Shame on this judge.

Anonymous said...

in addition... he had a $25,000 that he was released from with his own recognizance ($0)... The $2500 was a surety bond, so this man was bonded out for $250. And for the recored... it was his girlfriend that bonded him out.

Anonymous said...

How do we immediately remove this Judge Joseph Hensley from the Bench - - this is an Appalling Act - - and for this Judge not Serve and Protect this Victim and the Community is Ridicules - - THIS JUDGE NEEDS TO RESIGN OR WE NEED TO HAVE HIM REMOVED.

As for Glades - - His Attorney for the Drug Charges - - Let's see if he or his DADDY - GOOD OLD BOY - Phil Glades - Donated Money to the Judge - - Like he always does - for his Shady Clients............