Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Golf, bowling, football, basketball bills among those to be paid by Joplin R-8 Board next week

Some interesting bills among those scheduled to be paid by the Joplin R-8 Board of Education when it meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, September 26, at the Memorial Education Center.

-$9,990  in the "convention and travel" category for an Apple Academy Conference

-$8,290 for a 5-pack of 13-inch MacBook Air computers

-$162 to Fourth Street Bowl- "bowling for teachers"

-$1,490 to Haldeman-Homme, Inc., for "basketball goal bolt torque

-$231.72 for Joplin Globe subscriptions

-$615 for "Motive Matters Training" for staff

-$2,160 to Crossroads Charter for "West Plains Charter Bus"

-$3,391.20 to Eagle Creek Golf Club, Loma Linda, for Operation College Bound Golf Tournament

-$1,000 to Heros for "Varsity Football-West Plains dinner"

-$142.50 to Chik-Fil-A for "chick-n-minis" listed under "supplies"

-$3,750 to Imagine Learning for "contracted services"

-$233.10 for Joplin Globe subscriptions

-$590.52 to Moe's Southwest Grill for "annual coaches meeting"

-$140 to Orient Express for "JHS Athletic Coaches Meeting"

-$308.97 for Joplin Globe subscriptions

-$1,704 and $1,128 on the district's Visa card for "convention and travel"

-$2,064 to Collins, Webster and Rouse legal bill

-$1,444 to Education Counsel for legal bill

-$435 to Fourth Street Bowl for "team building for staff"



Anonymous said...

Feeding people doesn't bother me as much as those legal fees.

Randy said...

My guess is that the district was reimbursed for some of these expenses.

Anonymous said...

Teacher's kids get to bowl,too.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for the kids that participate in academic activities?

Anonymous said...

This is total BS, but I imagine it is no different elsewhere or in our congress. Perks to the haves and tough s**t to the have not's. Just think of the waster incurred in Neosho when they build another school with flat roof that leaks before occupation or lack of solar cells on roof to offset some electrical expenses. This is in Goodman, but if you check the 6 year old Middle school and new Junior High School have experienced numerous leaks. Most places build roofs with peaks on them to shed snow and rain events, but not Neosho as they always give the bid to local Branco who does a shitty job.

Buzz Ball said...

9:12 - The Middle School is way older than six years old. I have been in Neosho since 1999 and it was there then.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that the District is being reimbursed for both Varsity Football related items. So you anti-athletics folks can calm down.

Anonymous said...

2:37, I am a sports nut, but I also believe that too much goes towards sports in relation to academics. To each kid his own. But it is a much tougher world now and education is much too important with much larger stakes. Joplin still has a high drop out rate to deal with.