Sunday, September 10, 2017

Latest Blasting News article: Senate report indicates drug company's lust for opioid profits killed woman

My latest Blasting News article was published last night and deals with a blockbuster report released by Sen. Claire McCaskill this week about the efforts one pharmaceutical company made to receive millions more for its drug, Subsys, a grand name for a fentanyl spray mist that is 50 time stronger than heroin.

The report shows that the company falsified medical records so people who had no business receivint the drug would be able to get it and so the firm would be reimbursed by insurance companies.

My article includes what the report reveals about the role the company played in the death of a New Jersey woman, including a YouTube audio of a call made by a company representative claiming to be "from the doctor's office" so she could get the New Jersey woman Subsys.

As I noted in a post earlier this week, I will be writing at least three articles/columns per week for Blasting News. A portion of my pay from Blasting News (in fact, most of it) is based on how many people view the article, so if you think this would interest you, feel free to check it out and if you think what I wrote is worth reading it, please recommend it to others you think might be interested. Thank you.

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