Monday, December 25, 2017

Some thoughts on the Joplin Globe's article on the Jayda Kyle murder investigation

I am still not quire sure what to make of the page one article in Sunday's Joplin Globe about the investigation into the murder of three-year-old Jayda Kyle of Carl Junction.

It started with the headline- Documents drive wedge between families in abuse case.

That does not seem right. From everything I have seen and heard about this horrible event, it was the death of Jayda Kyle that drove the wedge between the families.

Yet that story was about the documents and about the Joplin Globe's efforts to make it appear as if there was something suspicious about those documents.

The reports that have popped up appear to be the type of documents often provided to families involved in DSS and juvenile office cases. They are not records normally made public or released to the media and the Globe has not been able to obtain them through official channels or to confirm their validity.

I hate to think of how many important stories the public would never know about if reporters relied on documents provided through official channels.

Then after the article makes it clear that it can't confirm the documents, the newspaper tries to have it both ways- we can't confirm these documents are real, but people are talking about it on social media, so here is what these unconfirmed documents are saying.

One problem with the Globe's approach is that later on in the article, the reporters confirm that the documents were legitimate through quotes from the lawyer representing Devyn Kyle and her parents, Judd and Carmen McPherson.

"It is unfortunate that confidential documents have been released by the other side," Springfield attorney Joe Passanise, who represents Devyn Kyle and her parents, told the Globe.

Passanise does not say that these are forged documents or allege that important information was left out of the documents- he says quite clearly that confidential documents were released.

So why all of the fuss about the Globe not being able to confirm that the documents were legitimate?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the article is appearing in the Globe five days after these documents have already been on Facebook sites and have already been featured prominently both on the Turner Report and by reporter Jordan Aubey on KOAM.

Aubey confirmed that the documents were legitimate and so did I. And as far as i can tell so did the two Joplin Globe reporters who worked on the story. 

The Globe article does appear to have a strong slant toward the family of Devyn Kyle:

There is nothing in either document that refutes or contradicts the probable cause affidavit filed with the charges against Vaden.

(Note: Jalen Vaden, Devyn Kyle's live-in boyfriend, has been charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse.)

And then there are the final two paragraphs of the Globe article:

Passanise wishes to put to rest concerns about the investigation raised by the DSS report.

I can say that the McPherson family denies any wrongdoing and has been fully cooperative with law enforcement and the DSS office in their investigations," Passanise said.

Once again, this confirms that the documents are legitimate and that raises a question.

What was the Joplin Globe trying to prove with this article?

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Anonymous said...

I doubt that the Joplin Globe is trying to prove anything by this article. While they certainly despise you they know better than to give a hack like you any credibility by even mentioning your name regardless of how much you are trying to interfere with this case.

What you are trying to prove is 1) that you are actually a legitimate journalist without an agenda and that 2) the Joplin Globe is by any means inferior to your biased dishonest sleazy postings to this free blog.

The police have a suspect in custody who admits to killing his girlfriend's child. The case is effectively over since the mother has legal representation who will tell her to simply shut up. No need for anyone else to go to prison as the case is "solved". And regardless of the other meddlers that is the way it will work on out. A second-degree murder charge combined with child-abuse charges for a 20-25 year sentence instead of the average 10-15 year sentence with 12 years in prison. Maybe a 20-year sentence eligible for parole in 15 if he spares the prosecutor the expense and bother having to take it to trial and by a guilty plea shows contrition and remorse for what he alone did.

So what exactly is your standing in this case other than malicious meddling in it in order to blame the Joplin Globe because they refuse to admit that you even exist?

Anonymous said...

Numerous people in this sad case have an agenda driven by personal animus and/or extreme self-interest. The parents naturally want to place all blame on the boyfriend to keep the legal finger from pointing at their daughter who was present when the child was killed. The daughter is fortunate enough to have a father who has knowledge in how to massage the results of an investigation, and who can afford to retain a top-notch criminal defense attorney to speak for the family - which includes the daughter. This is why we hope to have impartial investigators who follow the facts where those facts lead them, regardless of who the family is.

Anonymous said...

The Joplin Globe sucks! So does Joplin!

Anonymous said...

Great point! This further reinforces the notion to bring in outside perspective on this investigation. Wasn't Judd a Jasper County cop at one time? Uh oh...there is your bias.

Unknown said...

My household stopped reading the Joplin Globe. Both home delivery and on the internet has been discontinued. I prefer other types of media that is available and I'm sure more and more others are doing the same.

Anonymous said...

The Joplin Globe sucks!

Fake news!

Anonymous said...

People want Justice for Jada..Does that mean the person who killed her ,the boyfriend,should pay the ultament price?

Cheryl Hodges said...

In Republic, MO of Greene County in 2010 a little girl Kiera Pulaski was beat to death by her mothers boyfriend. His mother was in the foster care industry and did nothing although she was a mandatory reporter. There was a cover up of the abuse case, missing evidence and ten weeks earlier her brother Darby Hodges was beaten and smothered. I am their grandmother and for almost 9 years I’ve been trying to get justice for Darby and Kiera. In Missouri children are fair game when it comes to killing. Dan patterson ignored my please, promising me he would “treat Kiera’s death as if she were the governor’s Son” then quietly failed. Search Darby, Kiera, dr Phil and Inside Edition. There needs to be a whistle blown in your sorry state.