Sunday, December 03, 2017

Kim Frencken: Who is responsible for the entitled?

No one is taking credit for this one, are they? In fact, the minute I say 'the entitled one' people duck their heads or turn away. No one wants to admit responsibility for creating this little whiner that insists on everything being his or her way. In all honesty no one wants to be around this little jewel either.

Awwww... the life of the misunderstood entitled child. The world is against them. No one understands them. Their boss or teacher isn't fair to them. They deserve so much more. Doesn't anyone understand who they are? Doesn't anyone get their potential? Why can't someone just slow down long enough to realize what a diamond in the rough they are? I mean really. It's pretty obvious. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. I'm sure they don't see things the same way that the rest of us normal folk do. In fact, I'll bet their story goes something like this:

Over the years, my teachers perfected that roll of the eyes and blank smile when mom was explaining how I deserved to be class president. After all I will be a perfect candidate for POTUS one day. Weren't the treats I brought to class the best? Didn't everyone love to listen to my stories of summer vacations and week-end excursions? Of course they did.

Am I ever wrong? You've got to be kidding. Wwwwrrrrong is not in my vocabulary. It isn't possible for me to be wrong. Ever. Didn't you hear my parents when they told you how unfair you were being by expecting me to complete assignments the same as everyone else? Don't you get that I take things to a deeper level? Hello??? I need extra time and parental assistance to pull off the project of the century. You didn't like my outburst? Don't you know that creative people are very high-strung? That's me. I'm high-strung. I'm wound so tight that I can't possibly begin to do any menial tasks in the classroom. Prepares me for life you say. Well, I'll work for someone that is a little more intelligent and appreciative. I won't have to point out my unique characteristics. They will realize them right away and instantly promote me. I won't have to wait around long for that day.

People will fall over themselves when they see me in a store. They won't be able to wait to help me. Standing in line is for all of those ordinary people. The ones who aren't as special as me. Even when I shake my head in disgust or honk my horn at them, they just don't get it. How can anyone be that stupid? Oh, well, I'm glad that I'm not in that category.

I'm glad that my parents paved the way for me to be successful. They straightened out those teachers and picked out the best friends for me. They gave me opportunity after opportunity to prove how awesome I am. They wanted the best for me. They did things for me so that I wouldn't have to waste my time on trivial matters. Why waste someone so special on that!?

Yep ! Spoken like a true entitled one.
Thanks. From the bottom of my heart. You've created an insufferable, egotistical, spoiled, whining, brat that somehow thinks the rest of the world owes him or her something.

Sounds harsh? Probably so, but by allowing this mindset to grab ahold we are unfairly preparing kids for a successful future, not to mention, a happy one.

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You sound bitter and burnt out.