Friday, January 12, 2018

Warrensburg Republican: Greitens "vehemently" denied blackmail allegations

(From Sen. Denny Hoskins, R-Warrensburg)

On Wednesday evening the governor delivered his second State of the State address to the citizens of Missouri and the General Assembly. 

 It was great to hear the governor’s support for foster kids, law enforcement and veterans and I plan to lend my support on these important issues. My colleagues and I are also working on ways to address issues that affect every Missouri working family like tax reform, stopping frivolous lawsuits, lessening the burdens on our job creators as well as funding our transportation infrastructure and education.

Next, I want to directly address the allegations made against the governor on the evening of Wednesday, January 10, after the State of the State address. 

I’m still processing the details that came out in the media Wednesday evening about an affair the governor had in 2015 and possible blackmail allegations. 

 I personally spoke with the governor on Thursday morning and he vehemently denied the allegations of blackmail. I take the allegations against the governor very seriously and I trust law enforcement will conduct a thorough investigation if they believe one is warranted based on the facts presented. I will continue to listen to the facts and give thoughtful consideration before making any judgements.


Anonymous said...

>>>he vehemently denied the allegations of blackmail.<<<

Did this tool actually expect him to admit to the commission of a crime?

IANAL but what are the chances that IF this happened as the alleged victim alleges that there could be felony charges for which the statute of limitation has not yet run.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares. The voters knew he used charity money for his campaign and elected him anyway. What do they care if he finally got caught with his pants down. After all he is a Republican and this is Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Treat him like all the Republicans treated Bill Clinton's infidelities. And still do. Bring in a Ken Starr and drag it through the news for years. This is going to take more than the obligatory church confession with the obedient wife at his side.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid 514am is right...