Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jalen Vaden to Jayda Kyle's father: I pray that you know I didn't do this to her

In a five-page letter written and mailed from the Jasper County Jail, Jalen Vaden poured his heart out to the father of the three-year-old girl he is charged with murdering.

Though the probable cause statement submitted by the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office says Vaden confessed to committing the abuse that led to Jayda Kyle's death, the letter to Mac Kyle, obtained and verified by the Turner Report, tells a different story.

"I've prayed for you everyday since I got to this hell hole," Vaden said. "I pray that you know I didn't do this to J."

 Vaden expresses his admiration for Kyle, who was someone he looked up to when he attended Webb City schools, according to the letter. Kyle was a star athlete and a black role model in a heavily white community, who offered Vaden strongly-worded advice on avoiding drugs after a mutual friend died.

Much of the letter was spent detailing to Kyle how much Jayda and her brother loved their father.

"Here you are again, blessing my life because you made two of the most beautiful kids I ever laid eyes on."

Those children told Jalen stories of being with their father, he wrote and in return, he recounted the memories he had of Mac Kyle. "I'd tell them about watching you play sports. They always wanted to hear more and more. There isn't a bad thing anyone could say about you to them."

Jalen wrote about how being with Mac Kyle's children and his own son had turned him into a better person.

"They were teaching me way more than I thought I was teaching them. They softened my heart and showed me what real love is."

In the conclusion to his letter, Vaden told Kyle, "I pray for your peace and strength. I don't want to pretend like I know you so well, but the thing I do know, I know you've been through a lot in life to say the absolute very least. I have no words, nor are there any."

Vaden said he knew each day was a challenge for Kyle, but that he had to "keep pushing' for his other child. "He needs you more than ever now."

Vaden added, "Those babies were my life and I have you to thank for that."

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Anonymous said...

1) Why did he sign a confession that he did kill her?
2) Isn't reading someone's mail a federal offense?
3) How could you print this information as public when it a private letter and not a public/court document?
4) Did the baby's father give you permission or did Vaden give you permission?

Randy said...

To Anonymous 8:18- While I don't plan on giving out any more iunformation about how I obtained the letter, I am always fascinated by people who seem far more interested in how I get my information than about whether it is accurate. I wonder why that is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Turner for reporting on this story.Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Could you please provide your US Postal Adress for the purpose of mailing annual donations?

Many thanks,
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Lots of innocent people have signed confessions. He may have been covering for her.

Randy said...

Harvey, my mailing address is Randy Turner, 2306 E. 8th, Apt. G, Joplin MO 64801. Thanks.

Readers can also subscribe or contribute to the Turner Report/Inside Joplin by using one of the PayPal buttons on the top right side of this page.

Anonymous said...

I believe your information about this, I just wondered about the legalities of you providing the information. I know there is much more to this story than what the prosecution would like us to believe .

I appreciate you keeping us updated .

Just Another Opinion said...

Can you please clarify whether or not he did sign a confession? Also, did your sources indicate how the letter was received by the father, was he move, angry or what?

Anonymous said...

Come on Randy.

What's with all the mystery about your sources?

I was drinking coffee and talking to Hugh Janus the other day and he was mumbling about the Turner report's SECRET SOURCES! He might have figured out how Randy gets so many scoops and all the leaks while they are still steaming.

Hugh was thinking it could be possible that Turner Reports and the Joplin Glob have a cooperative publishing deal. It could be the biggest secret in SW MO! The Glob's crack reporting and editing team track down all the good dirt and then when it's too hot to print they leak it to the Turner Report!

The best part about a scheme like this -The Glob provides a perfect cover for the whole operation! Who would ever suspect such a thing?

Anonymous said...

He did NOT sign the confession. The confession was already wrote up for him when he went to jail. Probably something Mr. Judd McPherson had wrote up. But again he did NOT SIGN IT.

Shannon C said...

I applaud you for all of your honest reporting in this tragedy! It is incomprehensible to me all of the "bullying" and push back there has been because of someone's so called "status" in the community. There needs to be true Justice for Jayda, The Kyle Family and The Vaden families. You can't keep trying to sweep things under the rug if you have nothing to hide!

Anonymous said...

Randy, I am so thankful you are intimidated by NO ONE and reporting the facts about this case that no other news station cares to do.
You are helping Jayda get justice and I applaud you for that.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Jalen has said that he didn't do this to The child but has he implicated that the mother did do it? Has he given specific details as to what did occur that night? I find this important because many people say that they're innocent when they're behind bars. But obviously something happened that night that led to the death of the child. There were two adults in the home so one of them is lying, obviously. It's not enough for him to say he didn't do it he needs to tell the truth and tell exactly what happened that night!
Small town rumors are going around, one is that the maternal grandfather hired professional housekeepers to clean the house before the police got there. Wonder if that is true? Once again, hearsay but it is also going around that the maternal grandfather used his connections to hold off the investigation until he could get all of his ducks in a row so that his daughter would not go down for a crime.
On the CPS documents it states that the incident was hot lined from KC children's Mercy.
It also states that at Joplin Mercy ER the physician suspected abuse. If that's the case then was this hot lined in Joplin? If so why wasn't the crime scene secured? If not then why???
The maternal family keeps stating on social media that they had no idea it was abuse until Jalen confessed. Is that their defense? You can't tell me that the maternal grandfather is a known criminal attorney and really believes that people believe them when they say that, can you?! I mean it's been said that they were told that it was suspected abuse and any criminal attorney would know that a head bleed with detached retina's is a telltale sign of abuse!
Another rumor is that Mr. McPherson went to the police station with Jalen when he confessed?
Shame on CJPD and Jasper County for not getting to the bottom of this Childs murder! There obviously so many holes in the story! It's time to have an outside agency such as the highway patrol or the FBI do an investigation since all of the police have connections with the McPherson family and are afraid to step on any toes!
That being said, I don't believe that Jalen is completely innocent. If there were two adults in the home with this kind of abuse that caused the death of a child they both had to of been involved!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bless you Mr. Turner and thank you for not being intimidated! Looks like you could teach a lot of people there about morals and ethics!!

Anonymous said...

The FBI and Highway Patrol will only step in if they are asked to by Jasper County. The likely hood of that happening??? Everyone involved with this murder needs to be held accountable!!

Anonymous said...

Randy, Could you do a report on what has to happen for the mother to be arrested? Why is it taking so long for her to be arrested and why has this not happened?

Anonymous said...

You really don’t understand how journalistic sources operate? If Randy gets known for outing his sources, he won’t have sources anymore. Of course he’s going to protect them - same as any journalist would.

Anonymous said...

Why are the McPherson's not locked up again?! Oh, that's right, it's Joplin. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Randy Turner, I hope you continue to cover this case since you seem to be the only one doing so without a hidden agenda. The JAYDAS BEAT justice for Jayda group proved to be more about Becky Kemble and the drama she created daily than true information and actual justice.

Anonymous said...

Amen !!!!

Anonymous said...

Judd McPherson is a lying weasel who deserves life in prison.

Anonymous said...

He plead guilty.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Hugh Janus ��

Anonymous said...

Let’s just face it people, we probably will never know the actual truth of what happened/.