Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Explosive court documents claim Jayda Kyle's mother turned her death into a social media event

Documents filed in a child custody case cast a different light on events surrounding the murder of three-year-old Jayda Kyle.

The motion to modify filed December 27 in Jasper County Circuit Court, alleges that Jayda's mother, Devyn Kyle misled the public with a "Prayers for Jayda" Facebook page that was created the night Jayda suffered the abusive head trauma that caused her death and kept telling the public there was hope for Jayda when she had already been told the girl was brain dead.

The document also describes how Devyn Kyle immediately told the public that Jayda's organs were being donated and included a photo of her holding Jayda's hand.

According to the motion, which was filed by Wesley Barnum, Webb City, the attorney for Devyn Kyle's ex-husband Mac Kyle, "(her) children have been used as social media pawns."

The documents allege Devyn Kyle "suffers from emotional issues, self esteem issues and the need for constant attention."

The filing was the latest in a bitter custody battle. Earlier in the month, Devyn Kyle's attorneys filed a motion to modify seeking to restrict Mac Kyle's access to their son, citing his previous run-ins with the law.

Mac Kyle's counter motion to modify described a situation in which the children's mother and her parents, Judd and Carmen McPherson, spoke badly about Mac Kyle, with Devyn encouraging the children to call Jalen Vaden, her live-in boyfriend "daddy."

Jalen Vaden, 22, was arrested December 6 on second degree murder and felony child abuse charges in connection with Jayda's death.

The documents attempt to portray Devyn Kyle as someone who used the Prayers for Jayda Facebook page to create a version of what was happening with the child that came nowhere near the truth.

"(She) led the public to believe that the child had been 'found non-responsive on the floor in her bedroom' and it was a possible aneurysm," at a time she and her family had already been told Jayda suffered abusive head trauma "and her eyes were fixed and she was brain dead."

The motion indicates that Devyn Kyle did not tell Jayda's father about his daughter's condition for an hour and a half, long after she had used social media to tell her friends and neighbors her version of what happened.

Mac Kyle ran into difficulty when he arrived at Children's Mercy Hospital where Jayda had been taken by Life Flight.

According to the documents, when Mac Kyle arrived in Kansas City, he discovered that the boyfriend Jalen Vaden to have the "father" bracelet "knowing that (he) was suspected of injuring the child." The motion claims that neither Devyn Kyle or Vaden were allowed to ride with Jayda to Children's Mercy Hospital "because she and her boyfriend were suspected of causing the physical injury."

The documents indicate Devyn Kyle continued to show concern for her boyfriend even after he was arrested for Jayda's murder.

She "continued to send text messages to the Vaden family exhibiting concern about the defendant and inquiring, 'How is he doing?' "

The motion repeats the allegations made in the Department of Social Services Children's Division report that Judd McPherson interfered with the investigation into Jayda's death.

It also notes that Devyn Kyle failed to appear at a juvenile court hearing, with McPherson saying it was because she was grieving.

The motion alleges that her grieving included appointments to have her hair and nails done and having dinner with her boyfriend and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Jalen , not Jaden Vaden ?

Anonymous said...

You should also add in about the Go Fund Me that was set up , collecting money for medical problems , when they in fact knew it was NOT medical. As well as her workplace that did a fundraiser for her sick child. She deceived a lot of people , but yet walks free.

Randy said...

My apologies for the misspelling of the name. The mistakes have been corrected. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

The McPherson empire is about to implode!

Randy, thanks for staying on top of this story and providing the facts.

Anonymous said...

There might be more than one rotten apple in the barrel that got dumped when Jayda was murdered.

Anonymous said...

Randy, are you referring to boyfriend who is in jail ? Or a different person ? I think that's causing some confusion.

Randy said...

Any reference to a boyfriend is referring to Jalen Vaden. That is the only boyfriend I have heard about in connection to this case.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt attorneys and judges in collusion. Collusion is not illegal ........

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Vaden is a well known pot dealer and had been dealing out of the mother's house. Hmmm did she not know that was going on as well? Doesn't pay attention to her children or the dealings in her house. That little boy deserves a better chance. Hope these events have put Mack Kyle on an honest path, for the sake of his son!

Anonymous said...

Pray for justice, don't point fingers, but be earnest in your prayers.
God will take care of it.
Vengence is mine saith the Lord.
Don't let hate consume you.

Anonymous said...

Never put your trust in a judge or the judicial system. You will lose 100% of the time. Spend the money and hire a good lawyer!

Anonymous said...

◄ Luke 8:17 ►
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This story is appalling. I just don't have the words to describe my disgust for the McPhersons. Jasper County better do the right thing for once and lock them up and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean that the victims grandfather has been called as a witness for the defense?

Can someone with a professional/legal background provide us with some insight as to why this would be happening?

I did read that a person can be called as a witness for the defense and also the prosecution in some instances. I wonder if this is a legal tactic to throw the case?

Anonymous said...

She is related to the people who own Keller Williams

Anonymous said...

The courts are corrupt so both sides have to use social media to sway public opinion in hopes that it will sway a jury.

Turner uses and abuses social media. Then he acts so awful surprised at one side doing the same thing he does and proclaiming that the other side is in the right.

Hypocrisy and cheap shots is common with Randy Turner.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don’t believe Mr. Turner uses or abuses anything! I mean it’s not like he defrauded the public with a prayer page or anything right??? I think everyone in Jasper County should be thanking Mr. Turner for having the professionalism, morals, and integrity to stand up to these people who think that their power and connections make them above the law! The “mother” (and I use that word lightly) needs to be in jail for a LONG time! Her choices resulted in her child’s murder not to mention the fraud she perpetrated with her “Prayer” page.

Anonymous said...

Think about all of this in a psychological way. Not in an emotional way. Imagine 10,000 plus people requesting to join a prayer group, being the creator and one of the moderators. Imagine the 100's upon 100's = 1,000's and 1,000's of notifications to hit this one persons push notifications/app notifications on each and every post from each and every "app" being used and how they continue to use it in unfathomable ways. The publicity of this person's life is nothing out of the normal, the likes and reacts have always been in the very high 100's (it's a platform that has been used for a great amount of time much even before the tragedy, all public, until recently with a few exceptions), yet they're all still trolling and commenting on public posts - the whole circle of them. It became an un-natural use when the deceit was exposed, suspiciousness exposed and how they knew in Joplin that the injuries were of un-natural causes. Think about how this could make a person feel, psychologically. Really sit with that and think about it.
-The world should be watching-
It was plastered all over social media, and it's not the public's fault.
We all know who created this storm of lies and deceit and then the suspiciousness as the tragedy was unfolding. They asked for the world to watch.
Everyone should be held accountable for their involvement and wrongdoings presented in one’s life, no matter the situation.
It is extremely sad that there is such a fight happening and one family could simply correct things by understanding it’s time for them to take a seat for the sake of the remaining child, your current fight is again unimaginable and not normal.

Anonymous said...

I do not know these people personally but I have been following this story and the first thing I would question is if the mother was in the home why was a live in boyfriend having to take care and discipline the little girl. Second how do you not hear what is going on and go out and take control when you had to have heard what was going on. Third how long have they been together and were there any previous injuries that were documented. Fourth if you are in the house and that child gets hurt and you did nothing to stop it that is neglect. Hello if you do not want these babies bring them to me I would take all of them. The mother may not have been involved but then again maybe she was but not stopping what was going on makes you just as guilty. Have they investigated to see if the child had old injuries from before that night? Yep just had to throw that out there.

Anonymous said...

Put Mack on such a honest path, he couldn't pass a drug test, and is in long term treatment , smh.