Monday, June 19, 2006

News-Leader: Photo ID bill is a good one

The Voter ID bill signed into law last week by Governor Matt Blunt is a good one, according to the Springfield News-Leader Editorial Board.
In today's edition, the News-Leader says initial concerns by critics such as Secretary of State Robin Carnahan that voters might end up being disenfranchised were addressed by some of the measures in the bill. The editorial also praised the elimination of straight ticket voting.


Anonymous said...

This bill is a good thing. There are methods that will prevent any voters from being disenfranchised. I applaud this bill. Also, it's about time we did away with straight ticket voting. Straight ticket voting is for the lazy, uneducated voter. Take a few moments to learn about who you are voting for. Don't just listen to the propoganda. And how blind can you be to believe that every single candidate from a certain party is the right one for every office? That is simply blind ignorance.

Anonymous said...

The photo ID bill is intended to bring in additional revenue for those individuals who Blunt "sold" the motor vehicle offices to.

The News-Leader doesn't seem to grasp that little fact and Messenger doesn't appear to be very swift at reasoning.

As far as doing away with straight ticket voting? As far as I"m concerned, I have yet to see a third party candidate that was a reasonable option. You want me to vote for a third party, you better get out and find better candidates.

Till that day comes and as long as the republicans keep providing proof of their own personal corruption, I'm going to exercise my option to vote for every single democrat that I can find.

Unknown said...

The State Photo ID's are being given away for free if you don't have one, so how is that getting money for Blunt's friends? I guess people will have to manually choose their candidates of preference. That will take you all of 2 extra minutes. I know many Republicans that are sorry that they went straight ticket in 2004 for Governor. I also know many Democrats that were sorry they went straight ticket in 2000 for Governor. These are fine examples of why to get rid of straight tickets.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you call up your local what used to be motor vehicle office. Photo ID cards are NOT free.

They also require certified birth certificates, etc. to get one. In other words, another income generator.