Monday, June 19, 2006

They'll milk you for every cent

Less than two weeks ago, industries at formerly Lamar-based O'Sullivan Industries filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicating they would shell out more than $16 million in fees and expenses to third parties in connection with their bankruptcy proceedings.
Well, kiss that number goodbye and add another $382.16.
Dechert LLP, one of the consulting firms hired by O'Sullivan officials, filed a notice of request today in U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia, saying it had missed some expenses. "Dechert is now requesting the reimbursement of an additional $382.16 in actual and necessary expenses that were incurred prior to April 12, 2006, but were not posted in Dechert's books and records prior to May 17, 2006 (when the expense forms were filed with the court)."
The $382.16 will make Dechert's final bill $2,186,264.96.

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