Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More childishness from our elected officials

First, we had Governor Matt Blunt's spokesman Spence Jackson comparing Democratic blogger Roy Temple to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, while the governor shrugs and takes the "boys will be boys" attitude.
Now, Associated Press and other media sources are reporting that the governor and Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder voted to have Kinder take over State Auditor Claire McCaskill's office because it is larger and Kinder does not have room in his current office. That provided a 2-1 victory for Kinder, with the other member of the Public Buildings panel, Attorney General Jay Nixon, voting no. The move will not affect McCaskill since it will not take effect until January. Nevertheless, the people in the state auditor's office are upset with the move and terming it an office grab.
Kinder is the lieutenant governor, for heaven's sake! How much room does he need?
Perhaps he needs room for a bigger phone bank to call up lobbyists who might donate to his campaign fund (even though it's not clear what he's running for). In the April 22 Turner Report we noted that Kinder collected $7,875 in campaign contributions during the first three months of 2006, with $5,339 of that coming from registered lobbyists.
Over the past few decades in Missouri, we have seen many times when the governor and lieutenant governor were polar opposites. It appears Lt. Gov. Kinder is a perfect fit for this administration.

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