Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Former KOAM morning anchors succeeding in bigger markets

A reader provided the link to the newly-added page on the KWCH Wichita television state website for former KOAM morning and noon anchor Sarah Pierik. KOAM has had a nice run with the young women who have been placed opposite Dave Pylant on the morning program, including Ms. Pierik, Lori Prichard and current anchor Doreen Scanlon.
As for Ms. Prichard, she, too, has gone on to bigger things. The Joplin native is a reporter and weekend morning anchor at KJRH, Channel 2 in Tulsa.


Anonymous said...

That is a terrible picture of Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Actually all the pictures of their talent on the site is awful. Very, very poor stuff. And yes, Sarah is attracitve, but that picture is horrible. She looks confused and ticked.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, KWCH is being sold. As happens so often, the move to another market or bigger market also comes with the uncertainty of stability, financial strength and commitment to community. It is clear that the measurement for talent has been benchmarked as to how big the town or market a news person works in is. This therefore makes many think that those who choose to stay in smaller markets are not as good or talented. A journalist in a top market who is directed every day to present someone elses version or the News is far less imperssive than a journalist who is giver the opportunity to actualy practise their craft. One need not look far to see what financial hardship does to journalism.