Thursday, June 15, 2006

KYTV cleans up at Missouri Broadcasting awards; KOAM picks up one

Joplin broadcast stations picked up four awards at the annual Missouri Broadcasters Association Banquet held earlier this month.
KOAM had the winning entry in "Promotion" category, "What's Cooking?" The only other TV winner from Joplin was a certificate of merit (second place) to Missouri Southern State University's KGCS in the public service announcement or campaign category with "Stay in School."
The other two awards, first and second place for medium market radio commercials went to the Big Dog, KXDG, with first place going to the Eccentrix: We're Not Weird" ads and second place to the "Freeman Urgent Care- Urgent- Urgent," ad.
Five Springfield television stations and two radio stations earned awards:

Station Sponsored Community Event: Class II Television, Second- KYTV, "Bobblehead Ned.
News Series: Class II Television- Winner- KYTV "Ozarks Hurricane Relief," Second KSPR "Internet Gambling"
Children's Programming: Class II Television- Winner KYTV "Dying to Drive," Second KOLR "School Tour"
Promotion: Winner Class II- Winner KYTV "I. M. Lingo," Second KSFX "Ozarks Idol;" Class III- Winner KOAM "What's Cooking?"
Spot News: Medium Market Radio- Winner KTTS "Trooper Jay Samprieto;" Class II Television Winner KSPR "Norman Trial," Second KSPR "Check Point"
Documentary/Public Affairs: Class II Television- Winner KOZK "Lady Bear Basketball:A Dream Come True; Second KYTV "Power Play;" Medium Market Radio- Winner KSMU "Women and Heart Disease"
Feature Reporting: Class II Television KSPR "Weather on the O's"
Public Service Announcement or Campaign: Class II Television- KYTV "Trooper Safety," second KSFX "Life or Meth;" Class III Television- KGCS "Stay in School"
Sports: Class II Television- Winner KOLR "Hoggin' with Crowbars"
Investigative Reporting: Class II Television- Winner KYTV "Precious Cargo: Who's Fixing the Bus?" Second KYTV "Precious Cargo: Who's Driving the Bus?"
Commercial: Small Market Radio- Winner KXDG "Eccentrix: We're Not Weird," Second KXDG "Freeman Urgent Care- Urgent- Urgent;" Class II Television- Winner KOZK "Missouri State University," Second KSFX "Fashion Event No. 2"
Complete Newscast: Medium Market Radio- Winner KTTS "Feb. 27, 2006" Class II Television- Winner KYTV "Feb. 28, 10 p.m." Second KOLR "KOLR 10 News at 6"
Special Programs: Class II Television- Winner KOZK "The Original Springfield Cardinals: A Look Back," Second KOZK "SMSU Centennial Celebration;" Medium Market Radio- Winner KSMU "Digital HD," Second KSMU "Bluegrass: 21 and Under"


Anonymous said...

Don't you think Live with Tiffany and Gary at 5PM on KSN deserves an award for its entertainment value?

Anonymous said...

The May 2006 Nielsen Ratings are in. Here's how the 5:00-5:30pm time period shaped up: KOAM 27,000 - KODE 13,000 - KFJX 4,000 - KSNF 4,000.