Saturday, June 17, 2006

Webb City native addresses Ann Coulter controversy

For a time when I was editor of The Carthage Press, its owner, American Publishing, a subsidiary of Hollinger International, had a deal that allowed it to run features from the Los Angeles Times syndicate. One of the columnists whose work I ran regularly was Susan Campbell of the Hartford Courant, since she was a graduate of Webb City High School, and an excellent writer.
In her most recent column, Ms. Campbell addresses the controversy surrounding publicity-hungry Ann Coulter's latest book.
In response to Ms. Coulter's claim that her works are grounded in Christianity, Ms. Campbell writes:

I have searched for Coulter at the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes, at summer Bible camp and at Wednesday night prayer service, but she's not there. And if she's cracked open her Bible, I defy her to find the word "broad" or "harpie" in there. Speak your piece, Annie, but don't drag Jesus into it.


Anonymous said...

Jesus in drag?

Anonymous said...

Who cares what someone we never heard of says about anyone....sock it to'm, Ann.

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter will say and do anything to sell a book. How sad that you folks who swear by everything republican let her talk for you.
She is not a legit Christian, she (like so many before) uses your faith to make her millions.

Anonymous said...

Coulter revolts me but I have to disagree with Ms. Campbell. Ann Coulter has every right to mention Jesus.

My guess is that Pat Robertson, Falwell and the rest of them also millionaires--even if they keep the official ownership of the property in church hands.

Coulter's a terrible writer.
But is she a "legit Christian?"
That's not for me to say.

Her mean-spirited comments, mindless arguments and personal demeanor speak for themselves.