Thursday, June 15, 2006

A new way to connect with readers

What an idea for the Joplin Globe or one of our other area newspapers.
The Spokane, Washington, Spokesman-Review is podcasting its editorial board meetings as a means of connecting with its readers. By allowing the readers into the discussions that go into producing a daily newspaper, the editors hope to create a dialogue with them.
This is nothing new for the newspaper, which has been blogging about its decisions for quite a while. That is something else that would benefit the Globe, which, quite frankly, does not have a compelling collection of blogs.
The newspaper has former staff writer Jeremiah Tucker, who appeals to the Generation X set, Metro Editor Carol Stark detailing her struggle with cancer, and some other blogs that aim toward small niches.
The Globe would benefit from a strong politically-oriented blog, such as those that have been developed by the News-Leader, Post-Dispatch, Star and KY3, and a blog that details the inner workings of the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Making a newspaper is like making sausage. The end product is good, but you don't want to watch the process!!!

Anonymous said...

The Globe would never go for it. Means they may have to take a stand on something, and Simpson and Co. cannot do that.