Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blunt releases memo sent to former ag director

In the Columbia Tribune Political Blog, Jason Rosenbaum releases the text of the memo Governor Matt Blunt sent to former Ag Director Fred Ferrell after a Highway Patrol report determined Ferrell had acted inappropriately toward women:

At the completion of the investigation, Lt. Vislay was able to substantiate that you did, in fact, make an inappropriate comment to Ms. Elder. This finding was based on the statements of eyewitnesses. His investigation also revealed additional acts of inappropriate conduct directed toward women employed by the Department and that you have created and/or allowed an atmosphere to exist at the Department in which women do not feel they have the same employment opportunities as men.

The governor also said:

As the Department Director, your actions reflect not only on the Department of Agriculture, but on my office and state government in general. Therefore, I expect that you will adhere to the highest standards of conduct in the future.

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