Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fired prosecutors had received positive job evaluations

The scandal involving the Bush administration's decision to fire seven U. S. attorneys continues to grow.
The attorneys, for the most part, had been involved in investigations of alleged wrongdoing by GOP elected officials, including Bud Cummins of Arkansas, who was asked to resign during the time he was investigating Missouri's license fee office scandal.
According to today's Washington Post, six of the seven prosecutors, including Cummins, had received positive job evaluations:

Five of the dismissed prosecutors -- Bogden, Charlton, Cummins, Iglesias and McKay -- told reporters that they were not given any reason for their firings and had not been told of any performance problems. Only one of the fired prosecutors, Ryan in San Francisco, faced substantive complaints about turnover or other management-related issues, officials said.

U. S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had named a close associate of Karl Rove, former Arizona Attorney General J. Grant Woods, to replace Cummins. Woods asked this week to be removed from consideration.

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