Monday, February 19, 2007

Disgraced Congressmen's PACS donate $42,000 to Graves campaign

Federal Elections Commission documents indicate Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves has received $42,000 in campaign contributions from the political action committees for three controversial, legally-challenged former Republican Congressmen.

Tom DeLay
The largest share of that total, $35,000 came in four contributions from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's Americans for a Republican Majority PAC. DeLay was indicted by a Texas grand jury in 2005 for conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws, and has been knee-deep in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal and has seen two of his former aides convicted in that case.
FEC documents indicate Graves received $5,000 from the DeLay PAC during the 2006 election cycle, $10,000 in the 2004 cycle, $10,000 in the 2002 cycle, and $10,000 during the 2000 cycle.

Bob Ney

Graves received $5,000 from former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney's American Liberty PAC during the 2004 election cycle, according to FEC documents.
Ney resigned from Congress in November, after pleading guilty Oct. 13 in federal court to charges of conspiracy and making false statements in connection with the Abramoff lobbying scandal.

Randy "Duke" Cunningham
Graves received $2,000 from former California Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham's American Prosperity PAC, with $1,000 coming during the 2004 election cycle, and the other $1,000 coming in the 2000 cycle.
Cunningham resigned from Congress Nov. 28 after pleading guilty to accepting more than $2.4 million in bribes and underreporting his income in 2004. The official charges against Cunningham were conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion. He is serving an eight-year prison sentence.

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Fishing River said...

Dear Mr Turner,

I am glad to see you posting this campaign resource information about Congressman Graves. It was especially disheartening to watch his slime tactics in the 2006 campaign against Sara Jo Shettles because the media only played the ads with almost no coverage given to the veracity of his claims. I believe that if more people saw how Sam actually voted and who he is beholden to they would never vote for him. Graves is a right wing extremist who has rubber stamped every tragic decision the Bush administration has made.
While speaking in Chillicothe on Tuesday, Graves derided congress for even discussing the Iraq war publicly, indicating that they were aiding the enemy through debate. Sam ignores reality, democracy and the media ignores him.
More and more of us are relying on the internet to get the truth about our leaders because the corporate influence in the media is just as pervasive as it is in determining our legislators priorities. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Kevin Morgan