Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dupont rerun: It's the media's fault

The attorney general says Robert Dupont was illegally running group homes and accepting Medicaid money; the federal government charged him with fraud...and he pleaded guilty. Nevertheless, the Anderson Guest House owner tells the Joplin Globe's Derek Spellman that the media and the government have done him wrong:

Dupont, 62, reiterated that past news reports have painted an inaccurate picture of his background. He had previously told the Globe that he would compile information addressing some of the questions raised about his background, including his 2003 federal conviction for Medicaid fraud and his relationship with a Kansas City, Mo., businessman who was sent to prison for conning an elderly woman out of more than $600,000. Dupont recently supplied some of that information to the Globe, and he also said additional information would come out as the dozen civil lawsuits brought against him unfold in the coming months.

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