Wednesday, February 28, 2007

National blog addressed Missouri sexual harassment scandal

National blog Wonkette offered its take on the scandal surrounding the dismissal of Agriculture Director Fred Ferrell:

Agriculture Director Fred Ferrell was allowed to stay on the job even though everybody knew he was humping on his female employees, who did not care for this behavior.
"This is the most bungled cover-up by a Republican administration since Watergate," said Sen. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia.
Governor Matt Blunt let Ferrell pay a $70,000 sex-harassment settlement payment out of ag department funds.
Ferrell said his assistant, Christine Roark, "was not the brightest tool in the shed but that she was his ‘show dog.'"

It is amazing how public officials never learn to address a problem head on, take care of it, and put it behind them. It's always the cover ups that create the biggest problems.

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Anonymous said...

Only if the cover-up fails. If it works then nobody ever hears about it which works even better then addressing it head-on.