Saturday, February 17, 2007

Changes made in Turner Report links

The links list on the right-hand side of The Turner Report has been revamped, with several of the old standby links eliminated. Gone from the list are the following:

Yahoo News, Granny Geek, Ozarks Angel, Unwise and Untimely, Lonely are the Brave, Seneca News-Dispatch, Seneca Forums, the original KC Buzz Blog, the original Room 210 News, Street Talk, Wildcat Central, and the Original Wildcat Central.

Replacing those sites are the new sites for KC Buzz Blog and Room 210 News, plus Joplin R-8 School District, Branson Blue Hair, Springfield, 417 Magazine, Area 417, Southwest Regional News Service, and the MySpace blog which I have been primarily using for items more related to my teaching job and my fiction writing.

If you have any suggestions for additions, please let me know.

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