Monday, February 19, 2007

Maximus interested in state Medicaid contract

Virginia-based Maximus, Inc., has its eyes on the state of Missouri's Medicaid information management system, according to an item just posted by Howard Beale on the Fired Up Missouri website:

The historical similarities with contracting efforts by Maximus in other states aren't the only link between the contractor which hired Blunt and the Missouri Medicaid Management request for proposal. On the contrary, state documents prove that Maximus has recently shown an affirmative interest in bidding for the Medicaid contract, the costs of which may well range into the hundreds of millions over the course of its lifetime. Attendance records show that representatives of Maximus were among several contracting firms and lobbyists present for a January 10 pre-bid conference for the Medicaid Management Information Systems contract. Bob Snyder and Jan Ruff attended that conference on behalf of Maximus.

As noted in the Feb. 18 Turner Report, Maximus has a long history of creating problems in the states in which it has done business, including ongoing investigations in Washington, D. C. and Illinois.

Maximus also has a long history of hiring people close to those in power, as can be seen in that Turner Report post, which also notes that as of Feb. 12, its lobbyist in Missouri is Andrew Blunt, the governor's brother.

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