Thursday, February 08, 2007

Committee approves waiver for missed school days

The House Tourism Committee Wednesday approved Rep. B. J. Marsh's bill which would allow school districts to waive days missed during the recent ice storm:

No one testified against the legislation in Wednesday's hearing of the House tourism committee, which approved the proposal without opposition. Marsh heads the tourism committee. He said the bill was routed to his committee instead of an education panel because summer breaks are at stake. "Pushing school into summer affects tourism in the state of Missouri," Marsh said.


Anonymous said...

Randy- why weren't you there to's not what you say, it's what you do....come on, you had so much to say, why didn't you do something.

Anonymous said...

Randy, don't you get weary of these kind of comments? You do a great job informing your readers. Keep up the good work - the unpaid, under appreciated efforts that come after grading papers and preparing lessons and doing all those extras that make your students love your class.