Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Memorial Middle School shooter's lawyer wants cameras removed from courtroom

The lawyer for accused Memorial Middle School shooter Thomas Gregory White wants no cameras in the courtroom when his client's preliminary hearing is held Monday, Feb. 26.
Attorney Brett Meeker filed a motion today objecting to a request for cameras in the courtroom.
White, 14, formerly a seventh grader at memorial, is charged with assault, armed criminal action, and escape, in connection with the Oct. 9 shooting incident, in which White fired one shot into the ceiling at the school, then was unable to take any more shots after his gun jammed. He is being tried as an adult.


Anonymous said...

Randy- Check your facts. Thomas' attorney is a female.

Randy said...

I'll know better next time.

Anonymous said...

You know this still makes me really sad that a child would resort to this. The bullying, if indeed that was the cause, needs to stop, but how do we stop it? Randy you are a teacher......what do you suggest for us at home? I know if I see a kid bullying another I have been known to walk up to the kid and say something to him....rudely usually so he knows how it feels to be ridiculed. I don't really think that is the answer but it just sets me on fire. I wasn't bullied in school, or my kids that I am aware of, but we here at home need to know what to look for if our child is a bully and what to look for if our child is being bullied!