Monday, February 19, 2007

Globe fails to mention Scott's conflict of interest

The Joplin Globe's article on Sen. Gary Nodler's crackdown on independent candidates bill, SB 409, left out some important information.
While it rightly noted that Nodler faced opposition from independent candidate Kim Wright in the 2006 election, it failed to mention that the bill's co-sponsor, Sen. Delbert Wright, R-Lowry City, also faced an independent challenge, from Mike Holzknecht, last year.
The article also failed to note that the bill was quickly shepherded through the Senate Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee...which, not so coincidentally has Scott as its chairman.

In the Joplin Globe article, Nodler smugly notes that the bill received no opposition when its hearing was held Monday before the committee. Perhaps one reason for that has been the failure of news organizations such as the Globe (and the others across the state) to publicize this bill and the way in which it reeks of conflict of interest.


Anonymous said...

If you are so opposed, or if Kim Wright is so opposed, why weren't one of you there to speak against the bill.

And don't try to kid anyone, many people all over the state knew about this bill. Every interest group has lobbists and supporters who keep them well informed...and it's no different with third parties and third party candidates.

The bottom line is there's nothing wrong with the bill in the first place. You just don't like it because of Senator Nodler.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the front page? How 'bout that Tom Brown photo on the Sports page? That's hawt.