Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards drops out

Monday's campaign stop in Springfield turned out to be just about the last one for John Edwards, and that is a shame.
Published reports indicate Edwards will close shop on his presidential candidacy this afternoon.

With his departure, Democrats are left with either Barack Obama's politics of hope or Hillary Clinton's politics of pandering and pessimism.

Undeniably, the Obama candidacy cost Edwards a genuine shot at the presidency. The plan was to eliminate the competition and set up a one-on-one between Edwards and Mrs. Clinton. Obama's success doomed that plan.

Hopefully, either Mrs. Clinton or Obama will become that voice for the poor and the working class that Edwards has been throughout his campaign.

It would also be nice if someone, most likely Obama, continued Edwards' fight against the lobbyists and special interests who have set the agenda for our nation for far too long.

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Pinkie said...

Randy, you are wrong about Hillary. I suspect you are buying into the hype that many white men are putting out about her -- and you need to look into it a bit more. Barack Obama is too inexperienced and frankly, I think he is arrogant and lacks class.