Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton finishes strong in Texas debate

Hillary Clinton had a weak first half of tonight's debate, but she bounced back in the second half, putting aside the shrill attack mode and showing a little more warmth and personality.
Her best moment came when she was asked where in her life she had been most tested. She pointed out that she had certainly been tested, bringing a laugh from the audience, but she turned her answer into a winner by noting that she had seen many people who were going through worse while traveling across America and she said she had seen soldiers who had lost limbs. Her problems did not compare to the problems of those people, she said.

Obama stumbled quite a bit during the last half of the debate, but he was able to keep from making any mistakes. Considering the momentum he had going into tonight's debate, not making a mistake puts this one in the win column for the Illinois senator.

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