Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Powerful ending for Asiah's version of "All By Myself"

Asia'h Epperson told more than 30 million people just now that she loved her time as a middle school cheerleader, saying "Go Eagles, and did a Joplin Eagles cheer, which should raise the roof at the Joplin American Idol watch party.

Asia'h is performing Eric Carmen's "All By Myself," which I have to admit I have never liked, and it does not appear to be her best performance and she has missed a couple of notes, but she is putting on a show at the end and getting the crowd back into it. And her arrangement of the song is different and powerful. What an ending! She nailed it!

Now for the judges:

Randy Jackson said that Asia'h has been sick. "You did a really good job with it."

Paula Abdul said, "It was great, but the ending is where it counts on this song. You brought it home."

Simon Cowell said, "You have to be one heck of a singer to pull it off and you didn't. You almost got away with it, but the song was too big for you."

The voters are not going to see it that way. Besides, it has been a weak night. Asia'h will be back next week.

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