Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live blogging tonight as Joplin's Asia'h Epperson competes on American Idol

Joplin's Asia'h Epperson continues her American Idol journey tonight as the 12 female finalists compete in a program set to begin at 7 p.m. on Fox 14. I will live blog during the event, providing updates not only on the former South Middle School and Joplin High School student's performance and the judges' reaction to it, but also on other events that are in the news.

As I have noted over the past several days, Miss Epperson continues to be cited in one news story after another as one of the handful of contestants to watch in the competition. That continued today with this item from the Detroit Free Press:

The 12 women sing, bringing rich variety. There's Amanda Overmyer, the rocker-biker-nurse. And Kristy Lee Cook, the beautiful horse rancher. And Carly Smithson, the tattooed Irish immigrant with a failed record pact in her past. And Asia'h Epperson, who sang beautifully two days after her father's death. And there are eight more, many of them quirky and talented. Tonight, viewers start to decide.

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Anonymous said...

Asia,h is proud to stand up and represent Joplin,Mo. also. We Love you Asia,h. Keep us proud!!!!