Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nodler: Sinquefield committees show what a law abiding man he is

I have taken no survey, but I would say most Missourians resent those who try to push their beliefs and values on the rest of us and have the money to be able to have much more influence than the rest of us.
One example of that would be retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield, who has given hundreds of thousands to those who are willing to side with him in his efforts to bring educational vouchers to Missouri.
During those brief months when campaign contribution limits were removed, Sinquefield was writing checks for tens of thousands of dollars to favored candidates. Before that, he went along with the process of laundering money through party committees. After the Missouri Supreme Court reinstated the limits, Sinquefield formed 100 of his own committees, again to enable him to contribute more than the maximum amount.

In my book, that is an effort to skirt the law.

That, however, is not the way Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, sees it, according to an article in this morning's Kansas City Star:

The Senate debate over whether to repeal Missouri’s limits on campaign contributions generated reactions ranging from shame to pride.

But perhaps the most interesting came from Republican Sen. Gary Nodler of Joplin, who said it was appropriate for lawmakers to be in tune with their political contributors.

Public financing of campaigns severs that connection between lawmakers and like-minded contributors, he said.

“Why is the mindless support that (stems from public financing) somehow more ethically pure than purposeful political support?” Nodler asked.

Later, several senators were criticizing conservative political financier Rex Sinquefield, who last year set up and funded 100 fundraising committees so he could get around the current law, which limits contributions to $1,350 to each statewide candidate. Under the law, each committee is considered a different person and can give the maximum amount.

Nodler disputed the notion that it showed that Sinquefield was deliberately evading the campaign finance law. On the contrary, Nodler said: Sinquefield was demonstrating how to follow the law to the letter.

Perhaps it makes Gary Nodler beam with pride when billionaires and special interests evade the law by finding loopholes. That kind of thinking, however,is what makes many Missourians distrustful of politicians like Gary Nodler.


Anonymous said...

So Randy thinks people who exercise their free speech constitutional rights are "trying to push their beliefs on the rest of us” This is one of the stupidest comments ever written in a usually idiotic blog. This country is based on free speech, fee expression and that the idea of individuals having a God-given right to try to influence public policy. It is clear that Randy would prefer a system where only the government or perhaps news media perspective is heard. He doesn't like those that can compete with the news media in the free market place of ideas and in this case doesn't like the idea that this individual has found a way to maximize his personal expression by complying with all the laws and rules. Randy, Nodler is right and you are wrong!

Anonymous said...

Nodler is a slug who has made his living off the taxpayers his entire life. Of course he wants unrestricted funding because he plans to take whatever he accumulates with him when he leaves office, just like his boss Gene Taylor did. Maybe instead of shooting his mouth off to the Press, Gary should spend more time at the local movie theatres kicking criples.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Whether you like campaign finance laws or not if you have them they should be enforced. What Sinquefield did was wrong and made a joke out of our laws.

Anonymous said...

Having interviewed Steelman and Hulsof, I can tell you that the woman has NO clue.

Anonymous said...

A woman without a clue is perfect for Missouri Governor then.

Tom Hanna said...

So, how about a follow up story on George Soros, then?

Busplunge said...

What Sinquefield did is no different what the banker associations, the credit union associations, the teacher associations-both of them- have done. Form different PACs for different regions under different names. The difference is that Sinquefield has a LOT more money than anybody else. Did he try to hide his participation in these committees? I don't know Does he wield that much influence with politicians? Look no further than the State Board of Education. I'm with you on this one, Randy.