Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still waiting for Asia'h, Kristy Lee Cook is next

The fifth performer, after the commercial messages, will be Kristy Lee Cook, who has vaulted into the top tier based more on looks than on talent, but then again, are there not a lot of performers who could have that same statement made about them?

It looks like Joplin's (and South Middle School's) Asia'h Epperson will be one of the last singers tonight, which is a positive sign. From what I hear, and I will admit I have never watched American Idol until someone from Joplin was on the show, American Idol's producers like to showcase their favorites (top performers and the ones who have the best stories and will keep the audience tuned in) toward the end of the show. It also keeps the songs fresh in the audience's mind and supposedly increases the number of phone calls for those contestants.

We shall see.

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