Thursday, April 24, 2008

Irony of Simpson's situation explored in editorial

The irony of former Joplin Globe Editor Edgar Simpson's role in the scandal-ridden Ohio attorney general Marc Dann's office is explored in an editorial in his old newspaper, the Warren Tribune Chronicle:

One has to wonder what agony Dann’s chief of staff, Edgar Simpson, suffers these days. As a Tribune Chronicle metro editor, Simpson zealously attacked public officials for the slightest misstep. He screamed in headlines about the smallest deviation from sanctity he observed in public servants. If he were still here he would be hounding, ironically, the man who now is his boss. One has to wonder if Simpson, who has been eerily quiet as the shenanigans developed, is regretting his decision to work for Dann.

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Anonymous said...

No. He doesn't regret it at all. He is loving the drama. He is a man without a moral center. He is guided by his own ego with some help from the little man downstairs.