Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kinder: Drill now, drill more, pay less

During a campaign stop in Nevada, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder outlined his energy policy, though he never quite explained how he could affect that policy as lieutenant governor of Missouri:

"High energy prices are a real headwind for us in today's economy. If we can somehow get the price of gas down below $3, get it down to $2.50 or even $2 and get the price of the diesel that fuels all our big trucks that bring everything we buy to the stores, down it would be like a tax cut for every household in this country and I have a very simple proposal. I want to increase every form of American domestic energy production. In the first semester of economics you learn that if you have tight supplies and prices that are through the roof what you have to do is increase supply. If you increase supply, the price will fall. That's the way a properly functioning market works. We have locked up too much American domestic energy and I have a platform that says we have to drill here, drill now and pay less."


Addition: It should be noted, a reader points out that Lt. Gov. Kinder was encouraging those in attendance to sign the petition at which calls for the drill now, drill more, pay less approach.

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Anonymous said...

Peter Kinder is freak and an overgrown college Republican. I can't believe he still holds office. But then again, I guess he won't after November.

He really showed how gutless he is when he backed out of gubernatorial run when Hulshof got in his face.

What a coward!