Friday, January 16, 2009

Brown, Bearden out as Monsanto lobbyists

Missouri Ethics Commission documents indicate that lobbyist Travis Brown, who got his start at Monsanto, is no longer representing the company, nor are his partners former Rep. Carl Bearden and Mark Tucker. The separation took place Jan. 9.

Brown, who had been representing Monsanto's interest in Jefferson City since Jan. 3, 2001, still has a strong stable of clients, including billionaire Rex Sinquefield, K12, and AT&T.

Things are going well enough that as of Thursday, another lobbyist, David Michael Jackson, has been added to represent Brown's clients.

As noted in the Turner Report Thursday, Chuck Hatfield, a longtime associate of both Gov. Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster, has signed on to represent Monsanto.


Anonymous said...

Wow, guess it's all over for Brown! He only has what, a dozen plus more clients? Although you would think he only has one reading the Turner Report, until something like this happens.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW! Pelopidas is an up and coming lobbist firm. David Jackson is an impressive young man and has shown great potential for his young age! Go Dave!

Unknown said...

That's the best news I've heard. Now if Rex would open his eyes our state could get rid of him forever!

Anonymous said...

That's what he get for backing Plescia for st rep. He who laughs last laughs best.:-)

Anonymous said...

Since the "wisdom" of most posters has yet to be demonstrated - I doubt Brown or anyone else associated with him are worried. Looks like they picked up a few clients after losing Monsanto.

Who knows - maybe Brown got tired of them after so long.