Friday, January 23, 2009

KKOW dominates Pittsburg fall Arbitron ratings

Country station KKOW-FM dominated Pittsburg's Fall Arbitron ratings with a 22.6 share, up from 20.2 in the spring book. The station had more than three times as many listeners as its nearest competitor, Zimmer's KSYN, Kissin' 92, at 7.3. The Joplin station improved from its third place, 6.7 showing in the spring.

KKOW-FM's sister station from the American Media Investments stable, KKOW-AM, with its Classic County format, dropped from second at 6.9 to 4.5.

The remainder of the top 10:

3. (tied with KKOW-AM) KXML, Carthage, 4.5
5. KIXQ, Zimmer, 4.0
5. KNEM-FM/KNMO FM, Nevada 4.0
7. KOMB-FM/KMDO-AM, Fort Scott, 2.9
8. KZBI-FM, 2.8
8. KIKS-FM, Iola, 2.8
10.KJMK-FM, Zimmer, 2.3
10.KJML-FM, FFD Holdings, 2.3
10. KSEK-FM 2.3


Anonymous said...

Wait until they take over the Joplin Stations they have purchased but don't control yet. There could be a new sheriff in town.

Anonymous said...

anyone know when KKOW will start running KBTN?