Saturday, January 31, 2009

Turner Report adds links

I have spent some time today weeding out some outdated links (some of which I will monitor and restore if they begin posting fresh content.

After the elimination process was completed, 13 links were added. Two of them have been on The Turner Report previously. Dad's on a Rant Again and Blue Girl, Red State, have both been publishing fresh content of late. Of course, Blue Girl has been posting material on other blogs all along.

The 11 new additions are:

-Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian: If the Joplin Globe wants to know how to publicize its new blogs, it need only look at the design of the Southeast Missourian's website.

-Capitol Calling: Jason Rosenbaum may not be with the Columbia Tribune any longer, but he continues to offer excellent coverage of Missouri politics.

-Homeroom: This is the new education blog at the Columbia Daily Tribune.

-Joplin Globe Blogs: So far, I have been a little disappointed in Editor Carol Stark's offerings, amazed that anyone would offer a Booze Beat blog at a family newspaper, hoping that Jessica Schreindl will address matters that are more of local interest, enjoying Joe Hadsall's efforts (thought wanting to see a little more attitude) and surprised to find that Wally Kennedy has provided the most interesting material.

-Observations on the Edge: Missouri Southern education student, wife, and mother Diane Phipps has been writing this for a while, but sorry to say, I only recently came across it.

-Ozarks Law and Economy: Lawyer Harry Styron, a Granby native, offers thoughts on those subjects.

-Styron Observer and Commercial Appeal: The Styron family of Granby, including my former editor at the Newton County News, Emery Styron, and the abovementioned Harry Styron, have started this project, which offers something for everyone.

-The Grade: This is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's education blog.

-Gannett Blog: Anyone wanting to know about what is going on at the Springfield News-Leader's home company should check out this blog, which, of course, is not sanctioned by Gannett.

-Far Out on the Farm- MSSU employee and McDonald County resident Brenda Kilby offers her thoughts on various subjects.

-What I'm Talking About: This is the new blog started by Neosho Daily News Publisher Rick Rogers.


Anonymous said...

I too am forced to blog, and I will not be ignored.

Randy said...

Sorry, Scott. I was going by memory. I left out yours and the Branson blog. Your also adapt well to the blogosphere, and I fail to understand why the Joplin Globe needs a Branson blog.