Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Turner Report's history of Rita Hunter coverage

Former Jasper County Public Administrator Rita Hunter has been in the news lately as the Joplin Globe has posted one shocking story after another concerning Mrs. Hunter's unethical and possibily illegal departure from her office. Mrs. Hunter and her husband, former 127th District State Representative Steve Hunter, have been featured often in Turner Report posts.

Some of their greatest hits can be found at this link.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy for keeping up with the Hunter antics. It is so important that the public is aware and that justice is done. With further chapters unfolding daily, I look forward to reading your column on the Hunters.
Two issues that concern me: The audit should be far outside of this area. The second is that the audit will not be complete without closed ward files. All ward files during the Rita years should be audited. All I have heard mentioned is current wards files.