Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joplin Globe adds booze beat blog

It is amazing how just one little misunderstanding can change everything.

Apparently, someone called the Joplin Globe and said, "You need to get somebody to cover news."

Instead, the Globe has added a new blog by Internet Editor Dave Woods which will cover booze. Booze Beat is one of the new blogs being added by the Globe as it continues to inch its way toward the 21st Century.

A sampling from the blog:

The Booze Beat is good to me.
I’ve explored the nightlife on the Branson Landing and taken in a casino bar — or three.
I’ve made more than a few new friends along the way. Ahhh … good times and bad times too.
But, I have to say that the most fun so far has been digging into the nightlife at Kansas City’s new downtown Power and Light District.
If you haven’t had the chance to motor north on Hwy. 71 this summer, do yourself a favor and set aside a weekend for an adult vacation in KC. The nation’s largest cow town has invested big in its downtown redevelopment and booze hounds from far and wide are now able to take advantage of what has to be one of the coolest spots to eat, drink and make merry in the Midwest.

Woods is writing a second blog about Branson.

Branson and booze.

This certainly tells us a great deal about the Joplin Globe's journalistic priorities.


Apparently a political blog by Jessica Schriendl and a sports blog by former KODE sports anchor Bruce Vonder Haar are going to be added. Hopefully, these blogs will have a local touch to them.

The other blogs introduced by Globe since the beginning of the new year have included one by Editor Carol Stark, a state government blog by Joe Hadsall, an entertainment blog by Scott Meeker and a Wally Kennedy business blog. The blogs are readable, though it does not appear Kennedy's style is quite suited to the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

I am really surprised that Dan Chiodo approved the booze blog by Dave Woods. This may be a new low for the Globe. How can anyone take the Globe seriously now, when one of its editors resorts to such nonsense? Why would the Globe give Woods such a platform to boast about his imbibing? It raises a lot of questions.

Anonymous said...

Do I detect petty jealousy from The Turner Report? Dave Woods' new blog -- The Booze Beat -- not only offers a witty read loaded with info, but also makes it apparent that The Joplin Globe is finally looking to the 21st century for readership. I LOVE The Booze Beat! TheOldCrone