Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little more information on new Globe bloggers

It was noted in a post earlier tonight that two new bloggers who have been added to the Globe's newest effort to infiltrate the blogosphere will be Bruce Vonder Haar and Jessica Schreindl.

Vonder Haar, as I noted, at one time was the sports anchor at KODE. For the past few years, he has been involved in teaching Joplin High School students the ins and outs of television production with their efforts being visible on Jet 14. He has also played a role in developing some award-winning students in that program.

Jessica Schreindl was opinion editor for Missouri Southern State University's newspaper, The Chart, during the fall semester (and may still be, there haven't been any editions in 2009). Samples of her work can be found at this link.

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Anonymous said...

So far, there's just blank space when you click on the Vonder Haar and Schreindl blogs off the Globe website. You would think the Globe would wait until they had actually written something before announcing them.