Thursday, January 22, 2009

GateHouse Illinois paper cuts five from newsroom

The Peoria Illinois Journal Star, a GateHouse Media newspaper, fired five newsroom employees, according to a report on WEEK in Peoria:

The head of the newspaper guild at the Peoria Journal Star tells News 25 that there were five layoffs in the newsroom Thursday and six others in the building in the past 24 hours.
The stock of the Journal Star's owner GateHouse Media has been in freefall and the company has been de–listed from the New York Stock Exchange.


Anonymous said...

And the Globe?

Come on now, the public demands the right to know...

Anonymous said...

Rick Daniels CEO, Gate House Media - Baby Killer ?

Buffoon of The year Rick Daniels does not stop.

First, Rick-the-job-killer eliminates 60 jobs, gets himself a raise, then gets a promotion and now, advocates killing babies ?

Gatehouse Media’s top Executive Rick Daniels latest clown act is embedded in his January 3rd 2009 quote : “We have to…work like hell to kill the Globes new baby in the cradle."

Talk about biting the hand that fed you?

Daniels had a career working at The Boston Globe as an executive, burned his bridge on the 3rd, and now he wants to kill their babies sleeping in cradle's?

Just who does Daniels think he is?

Daniels is well know advocate of Gate House's Newspapers unfair and unbalanced reporting and his position: newspapers as property, to be done with as the owners please.

This time he has gone over the line.

Gate House Media index's (or aggragated) news coverage from around the world and New England is a guilty as his complaint states about the Globe .

When his former employer begins to act like Google and drive readership to Gate House property's web pages and others, Daniels pulls the trigger on a no-win lawsuit against his own industry; accusing wrong doing for the same behavior Daniels' Gate House employs!

Not to worry, this is what Buffoons do.

See 1.23.09 Boston Globe article by Robert Weisman:

What was this Joker thinking?