Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say it ain't so, Joe Buck

A report issued by the Justice Department's inspector general this week says taxpayers have been paying for transportation to and from games for two Fox Sports broadcasters who began their professional athletic careers in St. Louis.

The report says lawyer Joseph Band, who worked in the U. S. Marshals' office in Washington, and held a second job as a statistician for Fox Sports, arranged for marshals to transport Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Troy Aikman "to and from the play-by-play booth in a style reserved for federal judges and protected witnesses."

The New York Daily News article continues:

The inspector general was tipped off by a U.S. marshal who told investigators he thought giving rides to sportscasters was "silly" and "an inappropriate use of his time."

The report, obtained by thesmokinggun.com, contends Band, 68, had been reprimanded at least six times for conducting football business while on government duty

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