Monday, January 26, 2009

Winner of this year's Hans Christian Andersen Award

"The board isn't going to micromanage the school," Missouri Southern State University Board of Governors Chairman Dwight Douglas told the Joplin Globe.

Douglas claims the Board of Governors never decided to eliminate the Child Development Center and the men's soccer program...that was done by University President Bruce Speck on his own:

“(The board) hired the administration to run the school, and we had communicated that we were concerned about the deficit budget, but they got to make the decision,” Douglas said about the specific programs that were cut. “The board isn’t going to micromanage the school.”

Douglas said he did have a telephone conversation with Speck a couple of days before he announced the specific cuts last week, and that Speck informed him of his plan.

“The board supports that we have got to get this budget balanced,” Douglas said.

If the board did not discuss the elimination of these programs, then why does the board even exist? Apparently, it is only to meet, feast, and serve as a rubber stamp to the chairman.


Anonymous said...

Hans Christian's last name is 'Andersen'

Randy said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I will make the correction.

Anonymous said...

The most unbelievable part of this article is where it says that no direct cost savings will result from shutting down the men's soccer program. The program's funds will be shifted to other athletic programs. Then why cut the soccer team to begin with?