Sunday, February 08, 2009

McCaskill: The building is on fire

During an appearance on NBC's Meet the Press this morning. Sen. Claire McCaskill said it was time to stop playing political games and get the economic stimulus bill passed:

"We were compromised--we did compromise in the Senate. We had a group of Republican senators in a room and we worked hour after hour--and by the way, that door was open to every Republican in the Senate to come into that room and go through this bill line by line by line. And we reached a compromise, which is what the American people want. You know, the building is on fire, and what we typically do in Washington is argue what color of fire truck do we send to the scene. They do not want us arguing about the color of the fire truck. They want something bold, they want something swift. They don't want a series of procedural votes, even though you guys know we have the votes, on Monday and Tuesday. We could pass this thing on Monday if we would quit playing the political inside the Beltway games of figure out a way to get a political advantage."

A transcript of the program can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

Compromised my a$$. You sold us out!

The MRP staff guy who compared you to a prostitute years ago was right all along. You sold the country out so your guy wouldn't get embarassed. The rest of us be damned.

Anonymous said...

McCaskill is an embarrassment. Why in the world would they put her on national television with her lack of experience and the lack of respect she has in congress? She is so ignorant of what she is trying to discuss. How awful.

Anonymous said...

Poor anonymous at 6:48pm must have had a bad hair day. All republicans are alike, if they are not in the majority they know they have been shunned and taken an unfair advantage of. Poor things, they can't get over losing the election with their "values"

Anonymous said...

Stick with us. We got you this far.
That seems to be the message of the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

To all the Democrats whining about Republicans “holding up” your spending bill, Look you have the votes to pass this without a single Republican vote (just like the House did).

So rather then trying to find some political cover by turning this bill into a some sort of “bipartisan” hybrid, show some guts, vote already and take ownership of this fabulous product . . . unless your afraid that it won’t work.