Monday, February 09, 2009

Southwest Regional Landfill will not be built

Land which was supposed to have been used to create the Southwest Regional Landfill has been sold...and one of the conditions requires that the land never be used for a landfill.

The announcement is supposed to be made by Jasper County Commissioners during a press conference Tuesday.

Commissioners relayed the information to members of Citizens for Environmental Safety, the group which has opposed the landfill for nearly two decades.

Though the news is good for those who have been fighting the proposed landfill, an air of mystery surrounds the sale and the ownership of the property.

Republic Services, Inc., which merged with Allied Waste on Dec. 5, 2008, is the reported buyer of the property, yet as The Turner Report noted during a 2006 investigation, it appeared at that time that Allied already owned the property using a shell company, Advantage Waste.

It should also be noted that Southwest Regional Landfill was dissolved by the Missouri Secretary of State's office in 2008, but was reinstated Aug. 27. In the last annual report, dated Oct. 28, 2008, both the vice president, Charles Singleton, who signed the document, and the secretary, Christopher Smith, were from Aurora, Colo., probably not so coincidentally, the home of Allied Waste and Republic Services, Inc.

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