Saturday, February 14, 2009

Representative's educational background a bit shaky

As I was writing about the bill filed this week by Rep. Don Wells, R-Cabool, that would require random drug testing for Missouri teachers, I made the unfortunate error, a reflex action in my case, of automatically going for the jugular.

Obviously, as a teacher and as a strong believer in the United States Constitution and its Fourth Amendment guarantees, I am firmly against Wells' bill, but I certainly cannot fault Rep. Wells for his efforts to improve education.

After all, this is a man who went back late in life to get his bachelor's degree in political science from Cambridge University, according to his page on the Missouri House of Representatives website.

I have been unable to find a Cambridge University in the United States, but there is a Cambridge State University, which has no affiliation with any of the reputable accrediting groups, and which has quite a reputation as a purported diploma mill.

The following information on Cambridge State University is featured on the Better Business Bureau page:

The company provided this office with a booklet about Cambridge State University which tells about this company's programs. This was postmarked from Santa Anna, CA. On page 3 of this booklet it states CSU is a member of the World Association of Universities and Colleges with accreditation pending. At this time we have no information on World Association of Universities.

855 Pierremont is a shopping center. The first three numbers of the dept. number for Cambridge University is 128, which is Mail Boxes, ETC. which means the last three numbers 189 is a box number where mail is received and picked up or forwarded.

Cambridge University has no physical presence at 855 Pierrmont Shopping Center.

On August 18, 1998, Caddo District Judge John Mosely of Shreveport, issued a temporary restraining order against CSU and it's owner and president, Allan Park,citing unfair and deceptive trade practices. A hearing was held October 26, 1998. The state presented arguments for a permanent injunction. A permanent injunction against Cambridge University was granted October 26, 1998.

Court orders were issued in Louisiana keeping Cambridge State University from operating in that state.

I don't know how long it took Rep. Wells to obtain his degree, but perhaps he had the same kind of expedited education touted in Cambridge State University brochures that was noted in a complaint with the Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection, which led to a permanent injunction against the "university":

"You may earn a legal,government-approved college degree in a short time without quitting you (sic) job or attending classes!"

"But they, and you who are already involved in earning a living and raising a family and trying to better your position, can earn a legal Bachelor's Degree--a real degree--in as little as 90 days! And you may earn an advanced degree (Masters or Doctorate) that same way, with added work and Study."

The brochure also featured this information:

A man had been responsible for trimming street trees for a large mid-western city for more than 20 years. He had proved himself a competent and reliable department head. But a new city personnel policy decreed that all department heads must have Bachelor's degrees within two years or lose their jobs. He knows his work. He manages his department efficiently, and communicates well both up and down the line of responsibility. He's taken a couple of computer application courses in his local
community college, plus a statistics course. The city has sent him to a couple of seminars and an industry convention. He's always looking ahead for the next thing he will have to learn to do his job well."

"Here's the good news. He could earn his Bachelor's degree in just a few weeks without taking time off work or driving through the city to evening classes. he can learn, and be testes (sic) and receive his Bachelor's degree from Cambridge State University, all
through correspondence and home study. Then, if he has his eye on a higher position, he can earn a Master's degree, then a Doctorate, all from Cambridge State University. All this without interrupting his career or spending tens-of-thousands of dollars."

Don't be casting stones at Rep. Wells. it takes real cojones to be testes.


Anonymous said...

Wells is from Texas County?

Maybe he did his undergraduate work at TCTI--- the Texas County Technical Institute with branches at BTC -- Branson Technical College and BTC == Bolivar Technical College.

How is tuition, you ask?
Well, how much are your student loans?

Anonymous said...

what's the tuition,really?

Well, from their webpage: "Tuition, Books, Supplies, Application, Lab, and Equipment Usage Fees

"Tuition is based on operating expenses and will vary from year to year. Refer to the tuition, books and supplies, and fee charges"

Anonymous said...

Te He...suppose Mr. Wells has polished up his credentials just a bit too much. There are lots of ways to get from "Rags to Riches" if you can BS your way through life.

How would the people in Texas County let a public servant get by with this behavior. If he will lie about his education, what else will he lie about? and a deacon? My my.

Anonymous said...

And to think, he is still more educated than you!

Anonymous said...

this is an issue only because Randy wants to distract from the idea that teachers should be drug tested. People who work in jobs that have far less contact with young people are tested, why not teachers? I have a friend who works in the auto parts business...he and everyone from the stock boy to the store manager are tested....why should teachers be exempt?
Working with children in any capacity...scouting, day care and teaching should be reason enough.

David said...

I cannot believe you are attacking this man from Cabool. We all have some online degrees these days. I know it was hard and time consuming. I would think you would support a safe drug free place of learning for our kids. But your unprovoked attack tells me otherwise.

Randy said...

There is a world of difference between an online degree from a legitimate institution of higher education and what Mr. Wells has.

Anonymous said...

Turner would know, he doesn't have one.